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11/13/2011 c10 3Fragile Daydreamer
hi! It took me 10 chapters before I just HAD to send a review (for the others, they rocked, but I was just too lazy.. lol).

But this one definitely deserves props. Even though you said it would be a "stalker-fic", I felt more longing than creepiness. And boy, did you hit the longing part - I actually felt my gut clench reading this. It's almost sad, actually, knowing the character's standpoint and knowing that the two people he's watching are totally in love (or am i wrong? haha).

Anyway, I'm gonna keep reading, hopefully get another review in. Keep it up!

10/22/2011 c2 4flowers in december
I just fell in love, I think.

What beautiful writing.. 3
9/4/2011 c1 49Pinkamoo
Ahaha I should have read what you wrote at the start properly I was all ooohhh this is just like Queer as Folk. God Bryan and Justin are cute together :( I don't understand why they had to make Bryan act so extreme at the end, it's like you can compromise a little. Getting married doesn't mean acting like an elderly couple for God's sake :/

Oooh I would have killed to see Bryan fight for Justin to stay, he so wanted him to and Justin...

Well I'm blabbing on about the wrong thing aren't I? XD

Think this guy is a little softer than Bryan he seems to get upset I don't think Bryan would have questioned it too much or gotten so angry because he would be afraid of Justin leaving. He'd just REALLY punish him for it.

I love stories where guys like Bryan are made to suffer and really fall in love despite everything they 'believe' in.
8/21/2011 c1 7A-Crimson-Memory
Oh my god! *squeal* I know that episode! I know that episode! It's when Justin goes and sleeps with Ethan and then comes home and Brian totally gets him hot and heavy before stopping midway and telling him to take a shower because he smelled! :P oh my god QAF is my favorite favorite television show in the entire world! Buying the 5-Season disc collection cost me $200 but it was so worth it! Luckily in the end after the Babylon explosion Brian finally tells Justin that he loves him! This tv series was just emotional and dramatic it's the perfect show! But anyways! I had to just tell you that little blurb because I'm obsessed with that show! But the moment I read this one shot I instantly knew the episode and what happened and I couldn't help but smile
1/8/2011 c12 green
You're writing again!
12/24/2009 c9 angelmalach
Oh my God. Wow. So sad. Very well-written. I started crying when "Yellow" pops into his head.
12/20/2007 c8 True.Randomness
Gosh I love the story of these two, Taylor and Jamie. How I wish they ended together. I know I am asking to much but it would be soo nice if you wrote a happy ending or at least one they end up together. After all they do love eachother, so it would only be just right.
8/26/2007 c6 Sanna
Man! This is a story that I would love for you to do a spin-off of! This kind of raw love/hate-passion is just fantastic! Please at least consider it :)
3/7/2007 c9 Tuesday
I just have to tell you how much I adore this...these stories have such a bittersweet melancholy to them...gorgeous. The story about the man and his lover, Aaron, was absolutely heart-wrenching. I listened to the song "Look After You" by the Fray this morning and it made me think so strongly of them that I dug through my bookmarks to relocate these...I strongly suggest listening to the song, it's lovely.

Keep up the good work!
7/16/2006 c1 sadpanda
I hated the ending it's so sad but I'm not saying it's a bad story just I feel sorry for both of them =[
6/2/2006 c8 20love.strawberries
I'm so sad right now... Reading about Tay and Jamie, thinking about QAF... I was still in denial that it was over, but you just HAD to make me remember agian, didn't you?
6/2/2006 c5 love.strawberries
*sigh* So intiricate. I love the way you wrote this, it suits you... I love how everyone had their own personality: I could tell who was speaking at every break. I'd love to see more writing in this style!
6/2/2006 c4 love.strawberries
Aiden, hmm... Sounds familiar... *grin* Anyways, I'm running out of things to say, because everything you write, I love. It's the circle of life.
6/2/2006 c3 love.strawberries
Oh god... Okay, I'm not just tearing up, I'm crying... This brings back so many memories of how I used to be, and- Just, GOD...
6/2/2006 c2 love.strawberries
This one made me tear up... I dunno, I've got a thing about angels... God, sometimes it's hard reading your stuff, just because I can feel every emotion so vividly, it hurts.
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