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for Rainy Bliss

2/15/2006 c1 879Moondog Dozier
End line was wonderful. Great unexpected contrast.
12/7/2005 c1 104FunkyFlower
pretty good. love the last line. great imagery and flow. brilliant!

11/1/2005 c1 5Mad Asher
wow awesome haiku much better than the ones i make :)

anyway good job i liked the way it looks like a raindrop, if you look at the way the text is shaped in general. Very nice haiku, except storm shouldnt be part of the haiku?

...well dont mind me im just a critic to everyone so no one likes my comments. Whatever, great job, i liked it anyway.
11/1/2005 c1 70Maisha Mafuriko
B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L*L*Y penned
11/1/2005 c1 2TheLOVE TheHATE
aww i like this hiku its simple and its beautiful, i read it slowly and carefully and it made me feel like it was raining outside.. (even though its like 80 degrees here in san diego)

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