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2/14/2007 c1 12That One Person
I love this poem! It reminds me of the one i worte, your poem is very detailed in the sense that alot of todays youth, are very self centered about themselves, contsntly think about what shoes match this outfit, or "OMG I'm so fat!" Alot of kids don't realize that there are people out there who have got it worse, your poem is like "sleepers" meets politics in a way. Which is a good thing, I would reccommemnd reading that book by the way, by Lorenzo Carcaterra. It's amazing. Really, keep up the great work.
9/2/2006 c1 12Panicking With Hesitation
i completely agree with this. i like it.
8/12/2006 c1 31Leaving Here
i totally and completely love the theme of the poem. i have have written two/three/ maybee four about this. its a great subject to write abt bc so much of it is true.

well done!~Liz
5/17/2006 c1 twoofspades
I think I know the feeling. good job, Im sure everyone has to deal with some time or another.
4/26/2006 c1 593Morwain
hm this is good and completly true i like
2/20/2006 c1 Needa S
Remarkable message. I know people like this, and they are constantly rattling on about things they no nothing about. Excellent write. I sent ya an invite to my site hope you come and post there as well. Keep'em coming you are very talented.
12/10/2005 c1 4hateful-black-nights
I like that, it shows the emotion of many, including me. My dad always tells me how awful I am without the a sense of who I am, he thinks by telling me this that it helps, but critisism is not constuctive and condement only rises resentment. All you have to do is listen and appricitate, but people fond that too hard to do. I like what your poem tells, it is a story, good job. And about mine... thank you for your kind words... people that you cant feel comfortable telling your feelings to you have to hide them from them. As the person I wrote my poem about. He cant find himself and he hurts every girl he gets close to, which it was my fault in a way because I knew him yet still i let myself get close to him... any way i am rambling so i will end this with Good Job, before this turns into a Novel...
12/1/2005 c1 270queenvixta
This is great. So well written and the message is clear. I know what you mean with this because I think my life sucks at the moment but I know I could have it so much worse. Well said! Thanks for your review. QueenVixta
11/28/2005 c1 60Rosanna28
I kinda agree with this, cuz you're right, so many people think their life sucks when actually, they should feel blessed given the life they lead, with everything they have and being able to buy anything they want...But on the other side..I think that there ARE people who just lead a crappy life, even if they have everything..I dunno, I'm not really good at explaning these things in English, as I don't speak English as my first-language, so excuse me for that! Anyway, ehm..overall I can really relate to this, because so many people ask me why I never say anything or why I never say what I feel, but like you said, if they'd just shut up for a sec and actually take the time to listen to me, then maybe I'd be telling a lot more than I do now...So yeah..I love the poem and I think you did a great job expressing yourself here!

Much love, Rosanna.
11/26/2005 c1 12Solid-Truth
Well, personally I don't think this is one of your star pieces, and that isn't meant in a bad way. I just think you tried to be too profound and you lost sight of what the point was.
11/23/2005 c1 11T. J. Dietzel
I really relate to this! My best friend says how im really popular...but nobody acutally knows me...its sad that they just know my name and think that i dont stand for anything.
11/20/2005 c1 2surreal stone
once again, very well written and ever so true.. great job :-)
11/13/2005 c1 WhyCannotIdeleteaFPAccount
OH VERY GOOD A+ I LIKE IT A LOT :D :D :D :D...but besides the insanely good praise, it just seemed weird that your lines had no real beginnign and ending, it seemed u pressed enter after every couple words...dont take me wrong you may have done it on purpose but it seemed to detract from the poem at little bit, it seemed like i read it faster that way...Oh well...its a very good poem...its very true as well...keep up the good work!
11/12/2005 c1 12364 unbirthdays
very nice, i like it. many people feel this way, but you were able to let it out perfectly. good job.
11/4/2005 c1 8BJ Worth
I love the empathy you express in here. Don't ever stop caring.
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