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3/12/2014 c1 Karlos6754hotmail.com
So, for me, abortion is right if the woman in question has raped, if not...why you not used condom?! Stupid bitch, now go, expand your bitchiness and kill your son, yes! So if abortion is right...let's kill all unborn in the world! For me, people reap what they sowed, but now, kill your unborn because you wanted your life to be always funny?! If you want to life like this...take cautions, think sometimes, is good for health.
11/3/2012 c1 Guest
I'm a girl that's pro-life. I don't see how it's the child's fault that:
a.) I opened my legs
b.) the CHILD (yes, I did notice that you avoided calling a baby what it is)'s "father" was a monster

So, if it's a "choice," then would you have been okay with your mom making the "choice" to end your life when she was pregnant with you?

I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just pointing it out.
4/8/2006 c1 95Ellin Louise
The lines from "(Sorry boys..." onwards are definently my favourite out of this poem.

Great job.
3/31/2006 c1 MoriMorte
warning if you start reading my review you have to promise to read all of it no matter how mad or w/e u r. if you voice your opinions and believe in freedom of speech then read,tho you may not like what i say...

your pro file says pro choice have you ever had an abortion? do you have those horrible nightmares they all have do you ever feel guilty that a kid will never share they're first kiss birthday care first day of school?

you no matter how low or depressed you are and even tho u say 'i want to die' you wouldn't mean it life's worth living for and this is coming from a rape victom ok i kno what i'm talking about if i got pregnant i wouldn't have killed my child i would have birth it and given it to foster home where people you couldn't have children could have the joy of having a kid and giving it a chance.

your mother never gave u up aren't you glad you got all your first and you have friends you write from your soul you have a gift some people are not blessed with.

millions of PEOPLE are DEAD cuz some grls don't want to take the responsiblity of having a child under ANY cercumstances there's no excuse.

if it came from rape have the child it never did anything to you let it have a chance

from a one night stand damn grl that was your fault if you can't take the risk if you can't deal with the consquences if you have a one night stand ur a slut face it

boyfriend again if you can't take the risk if you can't deal with the consquences. if he dumps you he never loved you don't blame it on the kid if he left you like that sooner or later he would've left you for another grl or when you are starting to get serious.

if you want to get an abortion because you don't want to deal with what people think of you or your parents #1 don't do it if you can't deal #2 you had sex you suck it up you brought it on yourself if you have an abortion you just like Hitler there's no difference

hitler -selfish, greedy, cruel, murderer

that's what you become if you do that it's murder.

let me ask you something.How come if a person kills a pregant woman they're charged with double murder? let's see... i dunno they count the baby as a life?

also a baby can survive w/o the mother at 6 or 7 months and yet women kill them even then.but it doesn't matter.

your main concern and debate line is."we have to carry the child in our stomach for nine months and go thro the pain of the birthing while the man doesn't have to do anything"or "i was raped this child is not mine"or " he left me i can't take care of this baby by myself all alone"or " i don't want to have anymore child i can't deal with all that"

selfish heartless bitch much

did the baby rape you - no Did the baby deside to have a one night stand- no Did the baby leave you- no Did the baby asked or desirved to die because of discomfort, selfishness, cowardness, conciet or anything- no

but yet they still get murderd

oh and what about those fathers who wanted the kid and really loved it but the grl gets an abortion saying 'it'll ruin my reputation'..'i can't handle having a child, i'm not ready for that commitment'..' don't want kids'..'your not the one who has to carry the child 4 nine months and go thro birthing pains'..'i'm the mother it's "my right" ' just listen to that that's selfish that's cruel that practically cold blooded murder.

also he should have a say it's HIS DNA IN THE BABY IT"S PART OF HIM.

you kno i'm a grl and i'm goth and we're suppose to be who cares yeah we might be into wicca and drugs (and i'm not no green day fan either i'm not a poser) but alot of us MOSt of us are against abortion the rest are gay or something. i listen to other people of the same sex and i hear how selfish and heartless they can be. i'm not a republican actually i'm neither but when it comes to abortion i'm with them 100%.

i see no excuse of ANY kind that could justify murder of an INNOCENT child you has no say whatsoever over they're lives.

you know how they say 'they're not living yet they depend on they're mother so there for they're not truly alive they are dependent on others to live with out them they would die'

you know what i say fuck you that's shit ok ppl who are in accoma have no say over they're lives and they're dependant on others to live but we don't kill them. what about those people who have cancer we don't kill them.

you i shouldn't be suprised if that started happening after the whole terry shybou case she was learning to talk she was respondant her husband wouldn't let her get speach treatment and he just wanted the money she had he was off with some other woman and you know what happened in the end they used the SAME excuse as the other shitface people use for abortion she went through starvation and die a horrible death because some shit face lawyer deamed her life unfit to continue like he was fucking god!

she was a victom liked all those children. under the same lie she was sentenced to death under the SAME lie that Hitler used! oh yes don't shake you head he deamed them not human enough to live they're life unfit same lies the same inhumanity.

by the bye did you know that the SAME woman who made abortion possible is now trying to stop it and that she ended up not aborting her child? she's doing the right thing but i pity her everyday another threehundred or more children die.

i don't know how i could live with your conviction. i'm actually the one who's suppose to have that conviction i'm a rape victom i went thro it not once but twice. at least i know where i stand.

take note of me i don't care if you hate me but remember me i'm strong in what i believe in even through i have been abused so i can say "i know what your talking about" and i'm not afraid to shout it out. take note that i'm never going to change me opinion take note of me and my life. i know your either saying she's stupid or your laughing but then again it doesn't really matter does it?i didn't think so.

i have nothing against you personally and i wish the best for you.

i wish u luck on your writing.
2/8/2006 c1 Guest
i love your poem, i think that all of those conservatives out there just dont get it, i mean, just think about it. you shouldnt force anyone to have something they dont want to have, and if you want to keep your baby like a good republican, then go ahead and keep it, but (and i love your last line) i guess we cant all be as perfect as you.
2/1/2006 c1 gabrielle
wow this is really provocative. I like your views and the fierceness in which you defend them with raw conviction. it is refreshing.
1/12/2006 c1 silivrenheled
very thought provoking- well written, and I am glad to hear a strong voice on this subject, how men shouldn't be allowed to decide this.
1/12/2006 c1 19Res Ipsa
I love this poem...I don't think I could put how much into words, so I'll stick with telling you that I love this poem! :)
1/6/2006 c1 5Silver Lace
I agree completely. Very well written.
12/21/2005 c1 AIB
i love it. i completely agree with your words and ideas. congrats. congrats on another marvelous poem. i fear to read the rest of your works. for fear of giving unadultered respect and admiration. keep up the inspiring work.
12/9/2005 c1 PF
can't exactly relate on age and gender, but still dead on. Why is it that mainly men are deciding on whether abortion is legal? beats me!
11/30/2005 c1 fsk
amen.. isn't it ridiculous that we're moving backwards instead of ahead?..this is not a decision for a man to make.
11/16/2005 c1 69Around.about
I love your poetry it is so full of emotion you Juliet are truly inspiration to all us struggling poets.

~Draconian Saint~

p.s. For the record I agree with everything you said.
11/15/2005 c1 34Smoky Bear
g-a-s-p! loved every line. I agree with you, not just on this poem, but something on ur bio about anti-religion...

articulately conveyed, and dominant. i particularly liked the line, "Kill her with your masculinity" - so much truth you speak...
11/14/2005 c1 75blue704
very very powerful

MIND-BLOWING excellent polictical piece and so well written, Faithless Juliet you amaze me

and thanks for the review on 'finally'
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