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11/6/2005 c8 612simpleplan13
i like him
11/6/2005 c7 simpleplan13
i like the beginning but i would keep red out of it honestly..
11/6/2005 c6 simpleplan13
i liek this.. kidna mysterious and cool
11/6/2005 c5 simpleplan13
i liek this one a lot too.. nice job
11/6/2005 c4 simpleplan13
this is my favorite so far.. awesome job
11/6/2005 c3 simpleplan13
i like the second line a lot
11/6/2005 c2 simpleplan13
not what i would normally associate with red.. interesting
11/6/2005 c1 simpleplan13
odd, but cool
11/5/2005 c9 14kit feral
I love.Love.LOVE the ending. Like times infinity plus forever. And the lines "or the kind from the hospital that tell you your mother just died(even though you’ve known 48 hours)" are really interesting. I love the title, too. Great work- these were totally awesome. Just so brilliant! Never stop writing. ^.^
11/5/2005 c8 kit feral
Oh, I like it. The lines "Like a warning in the night, baby, he’s like, “watch out life”. Few can keep up" are awesome. Orange sounds sexy, lol! Great work.
11/5/2005 c7 kit feral
"maybe I’m jealous, but I think it’s paradoxical." I love that. And I like "I know, like Red, she’ll do what must be done, but then she’ll make a game of it, and slip out of trouble-" a lot, too. I love the way you personify these! It's wickedly creative. Great, great work.
11/5/2005 c6 kit feral
Haha, this one amused me. I love the "friends, coworkers- I just noticed that has cow in it, lol, cow orkers, lol, ANYWAY, I get distracted easily- yoga and twisting love affairs" part. Excellent.
11/5/2005 c5 kit feral
Oh, I like it a lot. "All her faded cousins send too many wistful letters for her to forget" is great. And I love "She’d do best to play with her inner child, and stop worrying, but I don’t think she well." (Though, I think you mean will.) Great work, I really like it. :D
11/5/2005 c4 kit feral
PURPLE! Yay, my favorite. ^.^ I love this, I always thought of purple as mysterious, too. I love the line "and she has not traveled seas to explain it to you." Wonderful.
11/5/2005 c3 kit feral
Blue! Yay, I like this. I like the lines "for whom there is only praise (he would not understand otherwise)" a lot. Great work. ^.^
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