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12/23/2005 c1 8Tita666
deep, real deep, i like it very much.
11/4/2005 c1 2Lyrabird
thats so good. it reminded me of climbing trees. when i read that i got a really nice image in my mind. it was sad but it was good!~lyrabird
11/4/2005 c1 Winter Reflections
i feel like this a lot. very well written, i like free verse, it is a stream of conscience.

anyway, i love it, keep writing!


(r&r me sometime)
11/4/2005 c1 27GC Age
Rating system

Expression of feeling- 14/20

Word choice- 11/15

Form/rhyme- 5/10

Figurative language use- 6 /10

Theme/originality- 4/5


Expression of feeling- Ok, yet you go back on yourself a lot which in this poem is very ineffective and takes away from the heart of it.

Word choice- Not bad, it is told in simple every day language and it works here.

Form/rhyme- very clumsy, it just does not flow.

Figurative language use- Not bad yet some more would not hurt.

Theme/originality- Good theme.

Additional comments- This is an ok poem but your flow is a bit off.

Total rank- 40/60

Note: I rate harshly and only the poems deserving to be remembered are rated 50 or higher. Any poem rated 55 to 60 I consider great, meaning they should be applied for publication.

This poem has been officially rated by G.C. ICE
11/4/2005 c1 4explosionsss
Very Nice. i can relate.

"I guess I’m just too much

Nothing wants to hold me up"

I really love these two lines!

Good job!

11/4/2005 c1 56from beneath the bell jar
I really like this poem. It kind of just hints at an inner meaning(s) which you can take as you will. I love the last line.

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