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for Roll of the Die

3/31/2013 c2 2Ava Jones
This story still makes me keep coming back again and again. I have to hand it you, you did a great job with making an action-packed adventure!
5/1/2006 c8 12BlackFeatherLintu
No! It's over now. ;_; But this was a great ending nonetheless. I appriciate the thanks for the reviews, but this story deserved them well. In return, thank you for taking the time to ready my works. lol Hmm Maybe there will be a sequel to this- Maybe Cecilia will round up a mob to go after Dice and Attrian some time in the future? I'm just sad this great story is over... *puppydog face*
4/22/2006 c6 BlackFeatherLintu
Once again, an awesome chapter. I love how you've weaved so much emotion into this- with Dice wanting to change and how Attrian realises how different things would be if it weren't for Orion and everything. Please add the next parts very soon!
4/18/2006 c5 2alexa-xox
OMG...this story roxs...how come i hadn't come across it b4? WEll anyways...i luv all de characters Dice is soo interesting and then there is Orion...there is summin about him i just can't put a finger on it! I really am enjoying this story! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! alexa xox
4/13/2006 c5 blackfeatherlintu again
wow... i just realised how much your username on fp applies to my character, Echo... as in, 'shadowed' Echo... ok don't mind me, lol it's late... anyway, thank you for reviewing, and please add more chapters soon. ^_~
4/13/2006 c5 12BlackFeatherLintu
Awesome update; poor Galle... hopefully she won't get into too much trouble before Dice rescues her.. although the more conflict the better...
4/11/2006 c1 Apricitas
That was awesome i have never read something so inspirational (even though i couldn't be bothered to read that much)kewlie dewlies!1

from Apricitas
4/8/2006 c1 Apricitas
cool that waswopme!

eniv though i didnt read it i know its good cas u did it! see my logic!

3/12/2006 c1 didn'tfeellikesigninginsowhatever
Holy crap, awesome writing. BRAVO! very very very good very fast moving and interesting. Write on
3/10/2006 c3 BlackFeatherLintu
Hehe thanks for the review; Echo works for different gangs, you'll find out later exactly how. But thanks for the question; I do need to clear that up a bit more. Late chapters will explain it.
3/6/2006 c4 BlackFeatherLintu
This is one of the best stories I've ever read on this site. Very original, and your writing style burns me with envy. ~_^ Makes me want to quit Twilight. Well, please update; I don't know why this story doesn't have any reviews yet!

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