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for Love at Eleventh Sight

2/13/2006 c1 special
WOW!..that was so AWESOME!..hehe..it was so sweet and witty..and hehe..cute!..utterly lovely my lady..

12/5/2005 c1 NAVEE
oh yeah, and i totally forgot to add that I was laughing my head off every now and then while reading it...it's so...witty. stupid isn't it; the things we do for love, or rather the things HE does for love...Absolutely brill girl!
12/5/2005 c1 NAVEE
Ok, i'm not gonna blame you if I forget my facts during our human comm paper. I knew (right from the start) that reading ur blog would be a BAD BAD idea. But I did. And this is where it got me-your story. So here goes...On the whole, bravissimo(if that's how u spell it). Liked the hanging end. but as i said, i'm trying to imagine another woman who cld fit the bill. roberts is, in my opinion, way too sophisticated a woman, as in i can't picture her saying "Even if you walked pass me ten times, it would make no difference" and actually playing along with his agenda. she seems like the kind that wld just walk away and never give him a chance...perhaps christina applegate might've been another choice...someone who such a woman, yet u can see the girl in her at the same time...just a thought. (sry, didn't realize this review was gonna be THIS long) =)
12/4/2005 c1 Lily Flower
Ohmygoodness, the story is hilarious..I love the brilliance of it...And gloxinias! Wow...I wonder...
11/11/2005 c1 GracE-IouS
Fiction press was so not allowing me to load the review page! so now, my review is Finallt here =D nice one, romantic & sweet, Trin, there in no man on earth like that! I'm so sure of it...sigh** (maybe he'll drop from hte sky one day)-anyhow, you've revived a bit of faith that love (at 1st sight or not) can happen...probably =Peace out! good job at your first one shot ^-^
11/7/2005 c1 guppy2
aw.. this was unbelivably sweet. despite the unbelievable part, its still sweet! lol.. really.. guys like that are rare but its fab the way u captured him in this story.

it was rather humourous too. a nice fun read. thumbs up.
11/6/2005 c1 1queen-lala
man! that story was AWESOME! the BEST one shot i ever read! keep up the good work. i absolutely love it^_^!

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