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for Love: Now In Technicolor!

5/25/2006 c1 109mistressKC
Life was never meant to be black and white anyway ^_^
12/4/2005 c1 34Smoky Bear
" “Shine on you crazy diamond” " - much respect for the floyd quote :D

i love the way you pour your heart out and post it lol, takes me ages to post subjective poetry. the word technicolour is almost synethesic in this contexet, it's great.

"threatened by shadows at night and exposed in the light" - (sorry i had to, it's in my head now lol!) yes, shine on!
11/6/2005 c1 loyanofviolence
Good metophors/similies. Don't understand why you gave this an M rating?

♥Staring at the Infamous♥
11/6/2005 c1 3Death by the PEN
very powerful...it could make an awesome song

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