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11/4/2006 c10 1merrymowmow
I was wondering when you're going to update.
9/30/2006 c10 4SerialXLain
Arran's kind of assy. :( I feel bad for Victor for having to listen to that kind of stuff.

Wow. Haha SEX! (what the hell...directed toward me) So...is Victor going to be come all stalkery now! Victor's my grandpa's name, just so you know. I got my middle name from him. Victoria. How sweet, I know.

XD I've missed this story.

In regards to the penis question. That's a toughie. I never know what to use for mine. Cock...sounds too vulgar. Penis sounds too proper. It's a tough thing...

9/26/2006 c10 49Storm December
I love this story! I can't wait to read what happens next! Oh, and would you e-mail me the unedited chapter 8 please? My e-mail address: Update soon! TTFN! ;)
9/26/2006 c10 10afk
wrawr hot chapter! and yes i will updat esoory! but lovely just lovely!
9/10/2006 c8 Teodora
great story. it's amazing. you write really good. about the scene in chapter 8 here's my email adress . realy great story.
3/21/2006 c9 4SerialXLain
I read this at school the other day but forgot to review because I'm an airhead like that. :(

I feel sorry for him. He's such a pushover and I just want to slap him and tell him that Derek isn't worth it...I like a guy named Derek. He's the hottest guy at my school (in my opinion)...

Anyway. I didn't think it sounded juvenile. Psht. If you think this is I hate thinking of what people think mine is. Ow my chest itches...anyway...

Love xoxoxoxojawlrjd!
3/21/2006 c9 3tamekabu
That interesting. KEEP IT GOING
3/21/2006 c9 73xanthofile
eh, not as juvenile as you'd think. a bit...ah, redundant in some places. *laughs* that's ok, i liked reading this chapter. it was...good. *yup* :D
3/20/2006 c9 10afk
derek can be rely scary O_o but i absoluely loved this chapter! XD
3/20/2006 c9 Wynter Ravenheart
this got me wondering if Derek loves Sean o.o I mean no one reacts like this for a fuck-buddy o.o

And... I don't think I'll get to see some incest will I?

Waa I saw my name up there! ^_^ *kisskiss*
3/20/2006 c9 4Whispery
Hmm...Well, overall I like this story a lot. In the begginging I was a little confused, but each chaoter, it seems to get better with the writing anf the story. Good job ad update soon^_^

3/20/2006 c9 Kitsune Luver
who the heck is Sean going to end up with? Are he and Caleb going to get together? Or is it someone else? I'm confused. I don't care really, as long as he doesn't have to be w/ 'Derek the Bastard'! Nu! I tell you, I would have to beat you up. Not joking.
3/20/2006 c9 24Limited Edition
Dude! Chapter eight killed me! Send me that scene! ()The Hannah thing put me off. I thought the dude he was doing Hannah in the bed next to Sean! XDDI sense lacking communication here XD Maybe they should talk to each other, it's rather important in relationships heheSo cute! It should be illegal with cute boys...they're rather lethal.
3/19/2006 c8 Wynter Ravenheart
aw man! shit!why did you remove the scene?

This isn't exactly child's play but anyone reading this should be aware of the graphical scenes [[which i love btw!]]

keep going
2/2/2006 c8 Alie Woos
i'm not really into incestish fics but you might change my mind send the removed scene!

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