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6/15/2006 c1 27Krys
Now, go to the document manager, save everything new that you wrote as chapter two...not the same story posted twice with a few extra words added.

There is a way to post up multiple chapters on the same story so that it doesn't look like you are posting the same thing ten times. Or if it is all one chapter, you can go to backup/export and export this story, add the new stuff and then save it. After that you can go to edit story and replace this chapter with the new one.

People have lost a lot of respect for you becuase of the fact that it looks like you have the same stories posted a bunch of times. If they are just chapters then doing it this way will help remove the clutter and make people realize what you are really trying to do.
11/9/2005 c1 Airperry
Good story begaining . looks like u got something really good started. keep wrighting u may have a hit going
11/7/2005 c1 27Persufala
Very interesting, but i do believe that you spell werewolf without the h. And you should probably have a space in the title. Well, TTFN

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