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for Making Him Notice

8/27/2020 c2 Guest
8/19/2020 c27 jyottoor
stilll love it
11/5/2019 c16 Brynn
This is a super cute story! But we need to find out more about Ryan.
4/29/2018 c6 Estrellagrace
The characters in this story are so normal and plain that it kinda pains me to read, but idk you must have done a really good job writing this for me to still be intrigued. I'm kinda confused myself, but whatever. Nice story :)
11/21/2017 c1 gigi.s
this is my umpteenth time reading this story (I just love it so much)
6/2/2017 c4 ShyKittyCat
OMG! My mom and dad are divorced, I live with my dad, I have a dog, I have a slightly southern accent, my hair is a golden color, and my favorite music genre is country, but I like alternative music, too! Hahahahahahaha!
5/6/2016 c25 Ozzpelt
Chapter 25, literally crying! And you spelled, or really Trent spelled, confidEnt wrong. Amazing story btw
2/24/2016 c20 chizzey e
how touching but as making out with a drunk... no...no.
2/24/2016 c8 chizzey e
cool. I love it
2/14/2016 c8 Guest
yo you need to be consistent remember writing that trent and ally dated for one day
10/15/2015 c24 Guest
Um 6 hour flight? So he could do it 4 times in a day? Not that big a deal. And since it has been made abundantly clear that money isn't an issue for him it's not like he couldn't afford to fly back and forth. Weak. Perhaps if he was going to Oxford in England?
10/15/2015 c23 Guest
Entertaining? Sure. But would I call this a good story? No. It feels really juvenile, while I can understand that the characters are young, their portrayal and the in between bits sounds as though they are being written by someone who only has the vaguest idea of what emotions or reactions someone would have in their situation.

Language-wise I agree, don't call people 'retarded'. It doesn't describe anything about then but makes you sound like a total idiot.

Also with the whole Una thing, if my aunt was being physically abused by her boyfriend I can guarantee that I would show more concern then Laila has. Understandably she is concerned that by interfering at all she could make it worse, but that doesn't mean that away from Una she can't voice her concerns to Dani or her mom or Trent or Ryan or whomever, or just have a soliloquy to herself.

Entertaining but superficial and surface-level at best.
8/24/2015 c1 vlady
Looooove your story#keep on writing this really made my year *fact
8/24/2015 c1 vlady
Love it *big ups to u
8/7/2015 c1 Guest
Hiya - I've just started reading this story...and it seems really good. However, I would recommend that you fix the line that says 'he had a disease that made him mentally retarded'. I personally don't know of any diseases that do that and 'retarded' should not really ever be used. It's hard not to notice that phrase when you read through the first chapter and people could be really offended by it.
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