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for Everlasting Song

4/8/2009 c21 sarcasm is my middle name
Behind Hazel Eyes? Nobody's Home? I love those songs!

Great story, love the ending (though it was slightly predictable)

12/31/2008 c21 samanthaSLAUGHTER
Your an amazing author.

4/12/2007 c21 1teknikalitiez
I like this story. It's very well written. Keep up the good work!
4/4/2007 c21 1Tempest116
Aw damn, I was hoping Faith would tell off Colin's Dad. lol Oh well. Nice story here , I enjoyed it. ^_^
10/22/2006 c21 19jekodama
Wow... that was... intense. The whole story was. I've been following your story "So this is", and it's very different, so much more lighthearted than this one. I really liked it. I'd love to listen to Everlasting Song! It's such a moving piece! Well, kudos for an extraordinary job!
8/2/2006 c21 Kates Masters Sister
Me again! This is what, 3 review today? God, aren't I nice! I realised, as I read the first couple of chapters, that I've read this before. Well, the begining at least. And I loved it. It's brilliant.Beth
6/1/2006 c21 5R. Hanks
Oh i loved that! i really did! when it sed angst i was real dubious about reading it, but im so glad i did! thank you lv rachi x x x
4/14/2006 c21 Jenny the Green Bean
Heya Mei, aww, bless you- was really good, I remember when you first came up with the idea on the ferry back from Jersey in september last year! can't wait for beginning of the end to start again! p.s- one thing uglier than concrete, Voldemort. Much love and hugs from Mearle and the -once again- great moulting beast! x
4/1/2006 c21 pink luvin goddess
it wasnt a rubbish ending! i loved it! way cute! what a fabulous story! you are a fantastic writer! i cant wait until the fanfic is up! until then-Flora
3/31/2006 c21 3TheGreatSorceressRheaa
DUDE! This story kicks butt!
3/31/2006 c1 28HeartbreakersHorizon
good so far. hurry up and update it.
3/30/2006 c21 29hasseena
The story was terrific. So thrilling and powerful. I found it yesterday and read it all up within 14 hours. Definitely it would go into my favorites! If you write something again like this, I would be there to read that nice stuff.
3/29/2006 c21 17Lady of romance world88
Hey! Wow! Is there any romance between Faith and Colin? Wow! Faith is very good singer. Will she become a famous singer? Will she going to love Colin? Hurry update soon.
3/29/2006 c21 Kates Master
NO! Its all over...and no epilouge...what a miserable evening...argued with kate and all...eexplain online tomnorrow, if your on, i keep missing you...how was paris? great eneding...sigh...May the force be with you my friend. AlwaysEmma
3/29/2006 c20 Alex
Looks like we're reaching the end game here,huh?

Of the few qoutes I find orginal quotes I find on Fan or Fiction sites,I think I like this this chapters.

And don't be late with the Beginning of the End,please!

(I should be one to talk about posting late...)

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