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for Persephone's Musings

1/16/2006 c1 17Irised
This is a really interesting piece! I like how you described everything; it all sounded very poetic. And your ending sentence 'one way or another, he will come to me' just brought everything together for me =)

I wish more people would write about Greek mythology, as I love reading about it.
12/14/2005 c1 4Goddess of Spite
Interesting views on the Goddess of the Underworld. There's this book whose author and title I cannot remember right now, but which tales about the incident from Kore, or Persephone's view. In that book she willingly went to him... I love your work. Talk about trapped. She needs to find herself s project.

The thing that makes this story interesting is that it's something that people can relate to. Trapped, between school and home, freedom and a jail, never really free, for the memories of school trap you.

Keep up the good work!
11/13/2005 c1 Koeryn
Hmm... interesting, very interesting! I like this.
11/12/2005 c1 95Evil Zipper
what if i didn't want to just read it, huh?okay, so, the "we gods are a strange race paragraph", lovely repetition-samantha

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