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for The Clan from the Corner of the WorldGrape Juice

7/21/2007 c1 26Nickolaus Pacione
Greetings Gill, beel a long time since I read your work, in fact I've been busy trying to promote some print works now too. But coming back to this story, I will say it is one story hard to review but really disturbing and thought provoking. I will use my channels to see if you can get this short story published too.

Impressive and this is one of the most disturbing I've seen in years. I moved on from because I didn't like the way they did the formatting on everything.
11/30/2005 c1 3CrazyDeafGirl
Wow. That's really tense, an interesting view, yet sad. The very idea of the human race turning to cannibalism and most of them don't know... really sad. I hope to see more soon from you.

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