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2/9/2006 c2 8A-wolf-called-Skya
hi again! :)

I have one question: What sort of age are you writing in? in the first chapte i thought i high middle ages or something, a time before digital clocks were made. is this present time? i'm confused on that.

Other than that, it was another good chapter.

my first two chaps in my book were bad. i need to post my rewrites. :) I wished i had gotten it right the first time like this.

oh, and thanks for the email! i totally agree, reviews are like chocolate: their addictive! i wouldn't mind a few myself. . .**hint hint**lol!

anyways, Good writing!

2/6/2006 c1 A-wolf-called-Skya
I already like where this story is headed! i'm very curious. my absolute fave author and story on here went similar to this, and, naturally, i loved it! except they were humanoids (they could changing in three kinds of animal forms, the three racs each had a different form) anyways.. . .

Yea, regarding your reviews, before i go. my names for my characters haven't been derived from any language, besides my own. all of the popped into my head (except Ame, which is "rain" in japanese) just wanted to mention ^^Thank you for reviewing! it's much appreciated. they are like 100 gallons of chocolate! yummy! and very sweet! lol. I can't wait till you eventually hit the good hapters, 16 and up. you'll notice my writing improving as you read. since it's been 2 years in writing and so on, so. . . and i'm not done yet. still got 20 more chaps or so ^^

anyways, nice story. i'll read more after exams!

Good writing,

11/17/2005 c2 G.Z. DeMuertes
well its just as intresting as ever. however Im a bit confused by the time period. I was thinking it was something like the 14 hundres. with like knights swords and warriors. but then you said digital clock and now im thinking modern times. Other then that I dont see any problems, other then the never endging hunt for wut the prophecy could mean.
11/17/2005 c1 guitarguy32403
I like, could use a bit more discription of the characters though. But otherwise I like it a lot.
11/14/2005 c1 G.Z. DeMuertes
overall I liked it, but I got two things to say, the exchange with the king and his son, kinda confused me, give more direct dialogue about whats going on with the war. And secondly try to give a bit more detail near the end. Other then that though, amazeing story and I cant wait to read more.

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