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10/9/2006 c1 871no.peace.los.angeles
"copper lemon yellow leaves fall from the soft boiled bone of every tree." - that is one of the most beautiful and perfect descriptions I have ever seen. This whole poem, the longing to feel comfort and safety when moving to a new situation, and comparing that feeling to moving into winter, is just the right metaphor. I love this poem. It is beautiful. I am adding this to my favorites. Keep writing! :)
3/20/2006 c1 85Margot Tenenbaum
this is beautiful.stunning.
2/20/2006 c1 the naked civil servant
ok. i'm sorry. i am just in awe. what the FUCK was that? i can't even resort to my usual ploy of quoting lines back at you because i can't coherantly pay homage to such mastery because it's ALL SO FUCKING GOOD. all of it. do you hear? you are GOD.
12/13/2005 c1 80citrus scented
wow. im left stunned again, this bundles up the season and paints ito ut so well, so cold and bitter. "like all those wispy strands of secrets and whispers that choke the boy I want for christmas." ...love that line. love this.
12/11/2005 c1 20Pheobe Meryll
IT'S all such a mess...(grammar police!)...anyway, I like the fernzied feel of this poem, you seem comfortable with free verse and your descriptives are brilliant - "copper lemon yellow leaves fall from the soft boiled bone of every tree." so unique!
12/2/2005 c1 242LauraKM
This is brilliant, had me hooked from the first word. love " i feel the energy palpitate against my nose...".
11/20/2005 c1 612simpleplan13
I like this.. well done... that last line is especially amazing
11/14/2005 c1 sgshs
an interesting readthe style is very unique and your use of language is clever and thought provoking

good work

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