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12/23/2012 c8 2Love U Te
This is so oddly twisted and i freakin love it :D
7/20/2012 c8 4Picas Lei-Fur
I like the way you're writing this story :)
7/27/2010 c8 6burrito-meat
this is sad and i love it i wish i knew what happens next
7/27/2010 c5 burrito-meat
awesome story

i wish they would just leave him alone and give human contact that wont question or hurt him
5/7/2010 c8 movingdisaster
`very intresting

and im glad that u dont have the sex detailed..that wouldve ruined the whole story.

well...im imaging damien like 17 :3 and him 13..maybe 14 lol
5/7/2010 c7 movingdisaster
so theyre both called damien? the brother and the..lover..

heh..i feel bad for..mishu..okay i forgot his name
11/21/2009 c8 Kittie
I love it, the whole thing. You are very talented. I hope there will be more.
11/19/2009 c8 Blue Devil012
M, that really was warm and fuzzy^^ This chapter just makes me want to go curl up in my blankets and pretend that a person like Damien is cuddling up to me and taking care of me too, lol^^ Misha's so adorable here, it makes me want to wipe (xD) away his tears too. :3 I just love their interactions with one another.
11/18/2009 c8 ekocteid
This chapter makes it hard to breathe O.O

It's so wonderful, and romantic, and sexy...

And creepy and warped.

Poor Misha, and yet it's as if he is the insane one and Damien is just helping him, although we know Damien is the bad guy...

They certainly seem to be getting closer to eachother, and the moment where Misha said "don't call me doll' and then he agreed was just stunning.

And the teddy factor is so real and unhinged too.

I love this so much :) I also love that I was hoping this very morning that you'd updated and you had!
11/17/2009 c8 3disgusteddiscussion
I am in love with this story! I love Misha and I love Damien and how they hate each other, but still manage to act half-way civil and sometimes more than civil . . . that especially :)
11/1/2009 c7 house of flies
oh my god, i love this.
10/31/2009 c7 Blue Devil012
This chapter was so sweet and relaxing; it was a roller coaster, intense in the beginning, then smoothing out, and extreme again towards the end.
10/31/2009 c7 1CinderellaWithCombatBoots
I love this story, and I thought it was clear about Mischa's brother from the first chapter...I like your writing style and the way it's written and the plot is getting better and better. The characters are awesome, too. You're an amaing writer.
10/28/2009 c6 house of flies
yay this is excellent.
10/27/2009 c6 7thoughtlessminds
Very different. Please continue! I don't think it's to confusing as long as you're planning on answering all the unanswered questions. Otherwise it may turn out confusing. lol.
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