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10/27/2009 c6 Blue Devil012
Once again, another lovely chapter where I am beginning to see more to Misha's family life, but the part that had left me confused in chapter 5 was Damien's change in attitude; it was a slight drastic change from his normal character, which left me confused. Maybe something is starting to change in him? It leaves me anticipating more of that change from him and looking forward to how he will change with Misha. (Or am I just looking to into it?) It leaves me thinking in a very insightful way.
10/27/2009 c6 2alwaysfaith
I was confused, but once I read some of the other reviews I understood.

I didn't know why he killed his brother, but now with the mentioning of "Games" and someone who reviewed who actually said that they had raped him when he was little, and so now I understand.

Very interesting chapter. (:
10/27/2009 c6 Ekocteid
I loved this chapter because despite the sickness and imagery he didn't get attacked. The kitten imagery was interesting as was the drawing!

I think people get confused because we don't know exactly where this is set, who these people are.. and we're assuming this guy and his own bro used to rape him when he was a kid, and he killed the brother and is now a prisoner of the brother's bf. But nothing is certain or detailed so it's pretty mysterious. Plus the relationship between the two is very much mood swings at the mo.

Awesome writing. Plz update soon! :)
10/24/2009 c5 Blue Devil012
Wow, this was a different change of atmospheres, leaves me wondering very much. Once again nicely written but now you leave me very confused.
10/24/2009 c5 alwaysfaith
I'm kind of confused but in a...trippy way, like I was on the drugs they are forcing into Misha.

I'm not sure if you're trying to do that, but I like the effect of it.

I like how you write and the characters, and the whole scene. update soon~
10/24/2009 c5 ekocteid
Something about this draws me, and I don't know why because so far it's been pretty sadist...

I think you just want to see things getting better for him. And it's really well written, especially the touch with the bear. The menace is also very realistic.

So I can't say I'm enjoying it, because it usually make sme want to cry, but I'm pretty hooked on it.

Please update soon! :)
10/19/2009 c4 Blue Devil012
Once again, another good chapter, short but very insightful :)
10/17/2009 c3 house of flies
wow, this story is insanely cool. right on, man. keep doing what you do cause it sure as fuck is working.
10/17/2009 c3 Blue Devil012
I really like the way you've written this, I can imagine each scene clearly. :)
10/6/2009 c2 1CinderellaWithCombatBoots
I love it. It's really captivating in that dark, twisted way and entices you in. So. It's really great, update when you can.
11/18/2005 c1 Pivoine
really interesting...oh god I like your stories anyway...I can't wait to see what will happen in the next chapter...please...oh please update! don't stop at the first chapter! you want to kill me or what? I'm one of your fan so continue like this! cheers!
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