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12/9/2005 c1 10Chaco
i thot i reviewed this poem already. O-o but oh well. it's so cute! i love your word choices.

12/9/2005 c1 29amazingblazes
Oh...this paints such a beatiful picture in my mind...I like it a lot!
11/23/2005 c1 16amethystdawn
This is so... pretty. I could visualize this... in an anime show, oddly. But, it's visualized nonetheless. *wonders why image is drawn anime style* There's this girl and i can only see her back and a bit of her face and she's holding a pic of a couple. Everything's in this sort of brown and white shading, as if this were some sort of flashback.

Anyways, this is pretty good. Keep writing!


PS: Thanks for the review! Really appreciated it! (I didn't think my poem was that good)xP

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