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3/24/2014 c1 HeronBlueXxx
I went to the link, but it didn't work. Is there a different link?
8/4/2012 c7 ehjayred
Oh! Okay, I get it! Is there somewhere else I can get this story?
8/4/2012 c1 ehjayred
I'm sorry. I don't understand what It means by "removed". Can I not read it up until a certain point? Help please?
3/28/2012 c26 Nihari
Whenever I click on the story link in livejournal it says the link is broken
9/25/2009 c1 InnocentHell
I am very upset that this story has been removed. It is one of my favorites and I've read it several times. I wish people wouldn't plagiarize but I understand your reason. =(
7/15/2009 c1 2toujoursmoi
Hey Dude

How’s it going?

Okay dude you’ll have to forgive me for making mistakes according to the story, I read your story twice but it was about two months ago now and I have read a large number of books between now and then.

I became one of your friends on LJ – I don’t know if you remember I’m the stalkerish one that swore….Dun Dun Dun – sorry ignore me, it’s the insomnia talking.

I am pretty sorry to here about you plagiarism case but I support your decision in taking your story off (though I would have loved to read the rest of them. lol)

Okay first I think you have got some of the timing messed up, why didn’t Ace kill the old lady when he first knew about her, because he was already killing and his mum was scared of him.

In your summary it says Reese is messed up. How is she messed up? I mean before Lynx I think she was pretty normal. Lynx brings the weirdness out from her because of his killing habits and her wanting to please him.

You use Lynx’s distinguished voice allot to describe him however you don’t actually describe the voice itself so we don’t know what it sounds like.

I think I’m probably being just a tad bit stereotypical here but I would imagine Reese to be short. I don’t quite know why though I suspect it’s from the name – its been used too many times by short people. I think she probably would have been more suited to be a rodent if she was short.

What was the significance of the Fish statues? Was there any?

I don’t know if anyone else realised it but you like playing God sort of thing – you mold your story in your hand to your liking – I may be wrong but that’s what it seems like to me. You have got your own style of writing – a bit like Lynx’s voice I could probably tell the writing was yours if I read something else. You’re a pretty talented author dude – keep up the great work.

After reading your story I have realised what appeals to people in horror and romance stories – they are pretty cool. You just had me converted lol.

I love how everyone has their own characters within their own groups but they are together as one. Like the Cats Cringe, Dogs Grunt and the rodents Squeak. Its pretty unreal but you make it into your own realistic world.

You have a few typos here and there but nothing to major.

At first I though the killer was Cougar when Lynx started with all that Friend shit. Then after skimming all you review replies saying that it was not Reese I concluded that it had to be a main character so I figured it was Lynx (that was pretty stupid guessing it was Reese – you must have done that before, making the first person narrative the culprit for them to be guessing that.)

I love cougar – I really do. I think cougar would probably be right for Reese when she gets out of prison – if ever. Lol

Anyway I greatly enjoyed your story and wish to have a go at your other stories but life isn’t fair so what can you do. Anyway keep up the bloody awesome work even if you don’t showcase it to the public keep on writing dude!


Ps – this isn’t the longest review I have written – far from it. lol
6/4/2009 c25 5YoungInside
That was nuts. Insane. Insanely nuts.

One of the most thrilling yet messed up story I've ever read.

Brillant. Loved it. :D
5/31/2009 c25 Soggie
It took me about... a day to read this, and wow... Lynx, wow I'd LOVE to meet him. ;D I wish so badly that Reese got out of jail, I wish she saw him when she was in jail. I'm slightly annoyed/sad in that sense, but we all saw something bad coming, right? I loved this story, maybe one day you'd... make a sequel? Reese escapes and is reunited with Lynx! *Sigh*
5/26/2009 c25 grassong

thats not how i imagined it to end


its still a good ending, though


well, idk if ull answer to this, but

like if you were to have an epilogue

will reese be let out of jail? and will she

meet lynx again?

darn, that's what i really wanna know

this was a really good read :]

very VERY good. man

:D nothing like ive ever read before. :]
5/26/2009 c21 grassong
oh. wow. very... O.O

[im talking bout the murder part xD]

very good. ahahhaa

sorry i dont have anything better to say

im still kinda .. shocked i guess?

i mean everything happened so fast!

wow o.o

im a huge fan now. :D
5/25/2009 c17 grassong
whoa; this whole time i thought the killer was WOLF O.O

very surprising;

but then again, i kinda knew in the back of my mind

that maybe it was lynx

very surprising [again] hahaha
5/25/2009 c16 grassong

that she forgot to pay for her icecream cone in chapter 7 LOL


man, i loled at that one HAHAHA :]

ur writing's awesome
5/25/2009 c1 grassong
hahaha nice authers note :]

this story is interesting.. hm :]]
5/20/2009 c25 AJ southern
Oddly twisted and captivating. Nice. Your endings are always amusing.
5/12/2009 c25 No Name 7429035
Okay so I actually finished this awhile ago. -slaps self- I kept forgetting to review and while reading it I was like "I DON'T WANT TO WAIT! -next chapter-" So of course, as you can tell . . .


I love the characters! I totally fell for Cougar. It's odd how I did too, at first he was a 'cool' character. You know, not awesomely rememberable but not crappy either. But then, with this one line, I loved his character. It at the party when he got drunk and was just like "Awesome. I'm awesome. This is awesome. I'm gonna get fucking laid tonight, too. AWESOME." LOL I read that and was like "Cougar I love you!" And his other lines in chapter 21 were just...AWESOME. lol!

Lynx was pretty sweet-but Cougar still tops him in my heart ;D-and Reese was a doll. The rodents were annoying. ha ha.

and the ending, OMG I LOVED the ending! The ironic-ness of it! Is that even a word? Hell, I'll MAKE it one. I have the technology. (laughs, like in that one 70's Show episode...ha ha...ha...i'm a dork ;p) it was just a basket full of awesome. i hope to see this book on the shelves one day! :D then i'll pimp it out to EVERYONE! -evil laugh- so that they all buy a copy too and then you'll get lots of money. lol! and really, what else is there? -JOKE!


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