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11/19/2005 c1 24Daylily
Wow, this is beautiful. The imagery you create with your words here is just breath-taking. "A poor explanation of the grandeur of the smallest insect" -great image. I've felt the same way. Mr. Darwin just takes all the awe and wonder out of the world, doesn't he?
11/18/2005 c1 243Manuel Fajar
Heart's church tell us how to get to Heaven,

But science tells us how the heavens work,—

¿Why must they live in exclusivity,—

Cannot one mind encompass both domains?

¿Must mechanism mean that beauty's done,—

Or can man's eyes be both divine and clay?

I think to revel in Nature's deep ways,

Delighting in life's wide diversity,

Does not unseat a primal cause unseen,

As Darwin most profoundly religious,

Remained unshaken in his faith and awe,—

So we might stretch our mind to understand,

That knowing how the cog-wheel turns does not,—

Presume directions for the car to wheel.
11/18/2005 c1 61Wingless Cherub
... This is ... oh my god(sh). It's just so great. I mean, and your formatting how it builds the upside down Christmas tree... Oh my god(sh). I LOVE this! As much of a cynical critic as I am, I can't find anyting wrong with this poem. I have to go read more of your poems.
11/18/2005 c1 35XxVendettxX
It takes great skill to shape this poem as you did, though the consequence of this is that the first lines seem overly long and strung out. The later lines make up for this, and you made your point exceptionally clear, thgough its probably not what others believe ( which inevitably makes it better)All in all this is a great poem, and tho i dont believe in god, i can appreciate this work and your talent.
11/18/2005 c1 8HHHHHHH
Christ, I know! The form that tapers down to a small point eludes me right now, but it perfectly summarizes the things I've been thinking just recently.

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