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11/10/2008 c1 struck
first: good, and cute, but...

this should be rated T because of somethings and I know that I wouldn't want my younger sister to read this just because of those things they ruined the story for me

so if you fixed that by using less stronger language and make the rape scene alittle more suitable for children then you cold keep the K+ rating instead of T

or you could keep it and just change the rating to T

so this was good, but really disapointing for what the rating stands for
1/31/2005 c1 Lucy
You should google the word "catheter" and the phrase "can an parapalegic young man with full use of his upper body lift himself onto a toilet." I'm all about the angsty stories, but this one is offensively inaccurate.

Don't listen to the person who says you're a bad writer, though. You'll get better.
6/1/2004 c1 I HATE U
This is the most boring piece of work i have ever seen. It was as disabled as the ppl in the stori!. From Wanker
1/20/2003 c1 appaled
that was the most awful piece of writing i have ever read..ever! you had a good idea to start with but you're a terrible writer! have you ever been inside an writing class? or even elementry school? it was completely unrealistic and just very badly written! i just want to help you-you're in desperate need of it. seek out some writing manuals or something quickly, before you write anything else!
1/15/2002 c1 Meg10
4/3/2001 c1 DoomRater
It is a shame when people who have to wear diapers get dissed for it. I like to see these kind of stories about people of this type. I can see people dissing diaper lovers, but not incontinent people. I may be a diaper lover, but I still fight for the right of incontinent people!
2/23/2001 c1 5AerynQ
I liked it, but there are a few little things that seem... I don't know. In general the whole story was good, except for the very first part about her changing his diaper. Somehow that didn't strike me as real, becuase I think most poeple would have to much pride to ask something like that of someone they had just met. All and all very good though
2/18/2001 c1 6Bird Brain
Love the story! It (Sob!) is so (Sob!) touching...
2/9/2001 c1 tj
very caotivating, it draws u in and makes u read more.

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