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7/27/2008 c8 Sakura Reyna
I hadn't been on this site in four years..I feel awful! I've been busy with college and high school...I'll write better reviews when your story is updated!
7/27/2008 c7 Sakura Reyna
Intense chapter. Very good.
7/27/2008 c6 Sakura Reyna
Hah hah orgies...
7/27/2008 c5 Sakura Reyna
7/27/2008 c4 Sakura Reyna
LOL! Cute! Kakeru's spirit sounds like Luna from Sailormoon...What's a wraith? We're gonna start a debate team at my college...I have NO plans of participating in it...too shy.
9/28/2006 c8 6Mali Steelwing
Another good chapter. And still more foreshadowing. I love it! Love it! Hope you keep it up.
9/25/2006 c8 12Succeeding At Failure
interesting yet confusing... I think I'll understand it better later on. but anyways, good story- it's freaking AWESOME so far...
8/18/2006 c7 1FenrirRagnarokRabbit-Girl
Haven't heard from me in awhile *has changed her name* Well, story is as good as ever, see ya next time you update.
7/9/2006 c7 6Mali Steelwing
nicely done. the plot is comely along quite well. A+
6/24/2006 c6 Mali Steelwing
please update! I wanna find out what happens to Yui! And Yuu and everyone else.
5/19/2006 c1 ILoveJoren
oh, cool... it rocks! really! i swear! who is the 2 years old kid?
2/9/2006 c5 1FenrirRagnarokRabbit-Girl
OMG I WAS THANKED! ^^ -is all happy now- Wow this story is so dark and comedic, I can never make something this dark comedic, maybe a few funny moments because I'm a ham, but you're awesome at the dark comedy thing ^^
1/18/2006 c4 FenrirRagnarokRabbit-Girl
Interesting story, I like this ^^
1/17/2006 c4 The Banshee's Tears
keep it up..the plot is killing me..i wanna know what happens!...lol, this stoy is amazing !
1/16/2006 c4 Kakyou Takashiro
ah. yes. expecting and finding nothingless. you always deliver. thank you for the delightful read and hope there's more to come soon. ^^

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