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1/1/2006 c15 26invisible.writer
I like how real this is, with real situations, and I especially love how Erik is so...normal. And while I'm sure you've heard this several times, I'd just like to reiterate that I really have no taste for Christine (as if she were some sort of side dish). She's like coleslaw: soggy cabbage with dried up raisins tossed in an equally soggy concoction known as colslaw dressing - sound appetizing? I didn't think so. Why should Erik have to deal with her baggage as well as his own? I'll leave it to you to sort out, as I'm sure you have, but just so you know my appetizer analogy. Looking forward to more! Have a Happy New Year...and all that jazz.
12/31/2005 c15 mandy81133
I love this story it is so good. I also like it because it is kinda like a sequal to The Shadow but not it lets me see how Eric feels about everything and what he is like.
12/31/2005 c15 4quotata
he was thinking bout cassie shouldn't that prove something?
12/31/2005 c15 Kythia
No. An 18 wheeler would not be appropriate in her case. I am thinking cement and semi truck combo. Yes. That should do nicly.

She is, as Erik thought, a tease. however, i have to admit that that was the best way to end that chapter.

Cassie Christine

I would flip on my brother if he tried to date anybody that I knew, and I would axe murder him if he dated someone that would, like anna said, is attracted to you and yet dates his roommate, goes back to him less then two hours after a fight, and is willing to cheat on her boyfriend with his roommate. He would be dead. Right after his girlfriend was dead. Yes, that would be lovely!

Happy New Year!

12/31/2005 c15 9milenaa
That hoe!

lol no i'm just kidding, don't get mad! (^_^)

anyways i liked the chapter. haha i love Jake's mom seriously she's cool! Anyways Christine may grow in my concept from now on!

oh, by the way, try pressing cntrl n for bold lines. In spanish and portuguese bold is 'negrito' it sometimes works with my computer depending on the site i'm visitng!
12/31/2005 c15 pocket.mouse.poppet
So she was testing him, eh? Poor Erik. I wonder how he'll come off at the end of this. I'm okay with Christine now, it's just that sometimes she just seems to be so immature, but maybe she's just lived a very sheltered life (therefore explaining the whole "I can't go home drunk" thing) or maybe she doesn't handle stress well. Poor Cassie. It looks as if she's just going to get walked over a bit here. She probably feels a lot like Erik did when Christine was dating Ben, except that she knows Erik a lot better and appears to have had a crush on him for quite a while. Said long-term crush could suggest that Cassie has even less of a backbone than Erik (note that he was actually going to talk to Christine before Ben butted in) or simply that she's very shy.

Perhaps Cassie will eventually find somebody. Perhaps Cassie will get with Ryan. Perhaps Cassie will get with Erik and Christine will get with Ryan. No. I like the idea of Cassie and Ryan. In fact, seeing as they're both such great people it could work out well, or they could just engage in a complicated game of mutual dislike. I wonder...

Shinies To All!
12/28/2005 c14 Cara4428
oh no... this isn't good, I am glad his sister finally schooled him, he needed to hear the truth for once. good verbal fight scene, I liked it. anyways, Erik... and Cassie! it needs to happen and it better! sorry for the threat, I am definately not a Christine fan... reminds me too much of the people in my town. Keep up the good work, sorry for the delay on reviewing, had to read a few chapters! I was behind, EXAMS ARE DONE!
12/27/2005 c14 5aqua-angel
haha I'm eating lunch right now..."I had a backbone… it just rarely showed. I sighed and stalked out of the house." That part made me spew out part of my breakfast *dies* But that was pretty funny =)

What a wake-up call that was for Erik, Ana really got down on his case. I agree with her points and I can't help myself but root for Cassie and him. Though I don't know if he'd ever feel that way towards her, you know? Though have you ever heard the Ladder Theory? Well, according to the theory it IS a possibility. Hm... I do feel sorry for Christine... still, she didn't have to be all bitchy with Erik. Why doesn't she go do that with Ben, I mean, Erik didn't really do anything.

Hm... will we ever see Ana and Christine in a room together? I'd say it would be very tense, very heated and very interesting... We now see that Ana has formulated a strong opinion of Christine and doesn't like how she's been treating him like trash. I wonder how their meeting would go. Lots of action I would say.

LoLz... Erik scared a lot of people at work. Sometimes people just do the least expected thing of themselves. I usually cheery and hyper but I have my cases of the blues. So when I'm all depressed, people are just surprised. They act like I don't have the right to be depressed because it isn't me or whatever. People just like to stick to their assumptions and when you show them wrong, sometimes they just don't want to believe it.

Well, I hope you had an awesome Christmas! I did the dessert and the cookies sux. I was very sad. xD Anyways, happy writings!
12/26/2005 c14 Kythia
I liked this chapter...it was good. I like how Ana, (who seemed slightly out of character) totally set it straight for Erik... or at least tried to. Merry Christmas!

12/26/2005 c14 9milenaa
hi again! maybe we don't think she has emotions because Erik has kind of put her in a pedestal and she used to be perfect until her little drunk night lol i was glad with this chapter! I was missing Ana! too bad we didn't see anything of Izy, that girl cracked me up! She's hot shit! Lol anyways glad to hear you christmas was nice!
12/26/2005 c14 pocket.mouse.poppet
Well, Ana certainly gave it to him, the bullsh** free version. Actually, She said exactly what I would've. God I'm tactless. She is right, though. I'm not sure about Christine, she's proving hard to place so far. And perhaps you're right about the Ben just being like Andrew there... Does that make Erik like Ryan, because if that's the case, he should seriously get with Cassie. Of course, the situation may be slightly more complex...

Shinies To All!
12/26/2005 c14 30Sarah Rizal
Damn. Sorry I got the wrong idea on the two of them, I guess I was a tad bit too hopeful that they'd make it as a couple. You don't know how much I love Ana. She is definitely setting her brother straight, I mean, Erik's been a little off lately with the whole party and Christine and Ben thing going on. I really agree with Ana; Erik should have gone off with Cassie, I mean, she's somehow like him. I mean, they sound so compatible. Anyways, awesome chapter.

12/26/2005 c14 10giRLAddiCted
Nyah! You go ERIK! Okay...I understand. But really. Calling your girlfriend a hoe? Look in the mirror, boy-o. Did I just use the word boy-o...oh God...hanging out with my parents friends for a day sure got my vocab changed. Ah...you said WEAK defense...never mind. Ben should be given the benefit of the doubt once in awhile. Especially after getting drunk and not realizing your girlfriend's been gone for the whole night. Sure... (I bet my sarcasm is very evident). No worries, this is no flame, I just have very strong opinions...huhu. Anyway, I like this chapter, even though it showed Erik in a bad light but it had to be done. He had to be made the bad boy for a little while. Keep it up, girl! I'll be forever here!
12/26/2005 c14 4quotata
12/25/2005 c13 10giRLAddiCted
I saw backbone and now I don't...nyah! Stupid Ben...jumping into conclusions when everyone knows how nice of a guy Erik is...stupid people thinking the can take advantage of my poor Erik...WHOOPS I mean...YOUR poor Erik. Poor guy, no matter how much he lacks a backbone, he's still the sweetest thing in the world...stupid people...stupid girl...stupid people!
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