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12/22/2005 c12 11les petits bateaux
This is very sweet, I wonder what's gonna happen. What if...just what if...Ben comes in the room, finding Christine and then she sees Erik with Christine. Uh-oh. He'll definitely be jumping to conclusions. Anyways, I thought Erik was so sweet to care for Christine like that, though the thing is that we can't see if he still likes Christine since he's the nice-guy type who would do the same for any other lady. Great chapter and I can't wait to see what's gonna happen.:)
12/22/2005 c12 9milenaa
you are so so so mean! how could you end the chapter there? i'm so curious! Lol just kidding, i know you gotta keep the readers coming! Lol yeah boys take a long time more than girls to mature. guess that's why all the guys i meet suck, lol. besides, i'm too picky. well, hope everything is okay with you!
12/21/2005 c11 pocket.mouse.poppet
Poor Erik. Looks like he almost got raped by drunk Andrea. Lol.

Luckily he's got some backbone, even if it's only when it comes to decency. Besides, why isn't he getting a decent girl already? I know you've probably got something planned, but I don't know what it is, which means that I can't see this from your calm, everything will work out in the end point of view.

As for Christine, she grows less likeable every chapter for some reason. I know that there's probably some reason buried deep in her past, but why does she hide it then? People go to so much trouble trying to hide things they don't need to, and just making a mountain out of a molehill... She should also make up her mind with this whole Ben-Erik thing because at the moment she's just wasting her time and tearing Erik apart. Poor Erik.

P.S: I'm sorry for being so critical of Christine, because lots of people do that and it kind of pisses me off, but then again you've probably got a better idea of what Christine's like because you're writing her.

P.P.S: I didn't review last chapter because I had chickenpox and was puking, not because I forgot you. I'm not puking anymore.

*Gives author cookies*

Shinies To All!
12/21/2005 c11 3miss-blackhair
whoah! erik's getting laid!

you know, i was wondering. was it your intention for the readers to not like christine very much? coz i somehow dont really like her. i mean, i think she's so gonna cheat on ben. for erik. yeah. oh well, we'll see how it goes in the next chappie. I CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO UPDATE!

omigosh, im so falling in love with jake! i know, im into the wrong guy. this story's suppose to make the readers fall for erik not jake, but whatever. i really like jake's character. i feel like pinching his cheeks! LOL.

poor adam. poor poor adam... but he's much more mature than jake. hahah.

well, good job. update soon! =)
12/19/2005 c11 5aqua-angel
LoLz! Looks like it's going to be another crazy party at the guys' apartment @_@ aw I can't believe Erin cheated on Adam =( ...can I have him? JKJKJK lolz~ Erik is still my numero Uno! haha Jake hitting Erik repeatedly reminds me of how my friend told me that guys only touch each other if they want to hurt each other. So they have to hit, slap, high-five hard so it's hurts or else they're considered like gay or something. *shruggs* his words not mine.

Wow... how sad. They all think he laid her. That would've been one really fast lay @_@ ew... imagery... moving on now.

haha he gave you double thumbs up? That's so cool lolz

YOU"RE JOKING! You mean to tell me that this game was actually PLAYED? That your brothers and his friends played Snatch? Omygosh that's so funny yet so sad at the same time xD Poor old ladies! And then your friend actually loving and wailing that song...haha you know a lot of cool, unique people~ life must be exciting =D Hm... the only really stupid thing I've seen my cousin do (I'm only child) with his friends was play cards with consequences. It was so weird... when you lose a game, you have to "sizzle". It's so funny but weird... what happens is that they have to lie on the ground and literally pretend to be sizzling on the ground. xD

hey how is that guy and you anyways? You know who I'm talking about right?

Good luck with you Xmas shopping =) Happy holidays to you too!
12/19/2005 c11 Kythia
Pizza, Beer..where is the Raman? lol.

He better not "get laid" as your characters put it. I will shoot you with my gun if you do.

Sleep is good. I have one more day until break. (yes!)

I liuke Queen. While we were driving to Nationals with my marching band (lol, again) we turned queen on in our charter bus, and sang bohemian rapsody, anotherone bites the dust, and we are the champions at the top of our lungs. It was one of those unforgetable moments that i wish could happen all the time.

And what the heck is up with Christine and Ben?

And, once again, he better not sleep with the little slut. And he better get over Christine fast. I do not like her. She (seems to be) fickle and the fact that she is dating Ben disgusts me. But, she should contiue dating him, and never Erik. (lol)

Merry Christmas!

12/19/2005 c1 17The Aphrodite Effect
I likes this chapter...and on my last review, I meant "woot." Sorry.
12/19/2005 c10 The Aphrodite Effect
UNDER PRESSURE! WOT!When I saw that, I skipped to it on iTunes, even if it ment skipping saline the Salt Lake Queen. I've listened to that song... I don't know how many times...Great chapter!
12/19/2005 c11 9milenaa
hey there! liked the two chapters a lot! anyways that was kinda cool at the supermarket. god jake seriously needs a girl of hiw own, someone that would make him want to grow up a little bit? lol anyways, i can hardly wait for more! update when you have the time!
12/19/2005 c11 11les petits bateaux
Your chapters get even better every time. This was awesome but THANK GOD Erik didn't get laid by that slut (i am allowed to say that, right?), Andrea and if they did, I sure am thankful you didn't go into the details. Anyways, I wonder what's going to happen between Erik and Christine. Maybe Ben would rudely intrude on them, or maybe Andrea would slither her way back to Erik but I think it's time they were alone. Wonder what they're going to talk about. Hmm. :) Wonderful chapter, love the party idea, and I can't wait for the next one!

12/19/2005 c10 10giRLAddiCted
Nyah...dumb dumb Erik. Make him grow TWO backbones in the next chapter, understand? I still think Cassie would be perfect for Erik...somehow I hated Christine even in the beginning of the story. Sowie! Anyway, this chapter explained Jake...he's just so bloody childish it's adorable! Okay...keep on going with this story, okay? Thanks!
12/19/2005 c10 3miss-blackhair
that was so freaking fabulous! and hilarious. LOL. it was totally creative. i like it lots. 'penis butter'? OH WHATEVER! i couldnt believe jake said that! wow. he's such a great guy. jake, i mean. i SO wanna go shopping with him. do you have his number? LOL. juz kidding.

i dont really get the ben and christine thing. hmm.. i hope things get clearer the next chappie.

i've never heard the game snatch before. it sounds really fun! boy, i LOVE jake. i mean, im into guys like that. LOL. erik's cute and all but not as interesting as jake. hmm.. hopefully there's more interaction between him and christine soon. that would set the story on fire. hahah. =)

okay, this is like the longest review i've ever given to anyone before. *smiles* fantastic job. update soon!
12/19/2005 c10 5aqua-angel
OMYGOSH, LOLZ This chapter was hilarious (except maybe the ending, since I was all like "aw poor Erik" *tear*) Jake was hilarious, I loved how all the stupid things he did brought the group closer or at least eased the tension. Gosh, I got curious about the song and searched for it. What KIND of music does Adam listen to? It's always fun to look at the cars around you and see one of those people singing along with the radio or w/e. I remember this one guy doing some really strange moves in the car. It was pretty mean of us xD our car got near his and we started mimicking him or w/e. *thinks back* I can't even remember what moves he was even doing.

LOLZ but you know what? Perhaps Jake's a little crazy (or a lot), a little immature (or a lot), a little lazy (or a lot-one word: dishes *winces*) and perhaps isn't the best boyfriend material (at least that's what I assume) but I totally wanted to just hug Jake. Strictly platonic, I mean, it just seems like Adam and Jake would just be loads of fun to hang out around with. Like crazy things would just happen all the time.

Man... I can't believe that's their game Snatch *cracks up* that's so mean xD It's like... he doesn't think that much in depth or w/e. Poor old woman, scared for the sake of the amusement of silly college boys. haha

Paul is very...uh, interesting xD I wonder how the kids like him and vice versa.

Christine and Ben back together? Already? Huh... well, I feel exactly like what Erik said: Whatever. Obviously he's trying to not care since it's not his business and she's still with his roommate, though he can't seem to help it.

I love the way you ended :) It was very fitting. I could just picture it all in my head... it's like in the movies. The guy staring after the girl with his friend or w/e... the girl looks back-a total herbal essence moment- and eye contact! But then she leaves anyway. Gone.

Hm... I wonder when Cassie is going to be around. I like her spunk =D And it's always that one of them are tired/sleepy when together xD

Hahaha that's so funny! ALL your brother's friends were drunk? That must've been one amusing night with lots of entertainment. Haha Bitwh? It's like Bit wha? *cracks up* I have no clue why it's so amusing to me right now... maybe cuz I'm a lil sleep-deprived and it's late...er, early... oh whatever.

xD He might just be a tard. A multi-layered tard if that makes any sense. *answers own question* No, not really...

LoLz of course we all have moments where we do all these stupid things. They're much fun when you just don't care like Jake for instance. He doesn't care that many people are staring at him like he's being an idiot. Now what sux is when you do stupid things that really are just stupid and make you go "why the heck did i do that?". Now that just sux. Maybe I should care less about that. Since it really does nothing. Oy.

LoLz, I know. The holidays can get a little crazy. I'm sadly not done with my Christmas shopping. Are you? My best friend and I are actually going to make part II of the presents to her bf and roomie (my friend and benny). The apartment is so messy! So we're buying them like cleeaning supplies haha, and then we're gonna have like this storybook of reasons not to drink and fill empty beer bottles with like orange juice for benny. *cracks up* We're just weird like that xD

Anyways, enjoy your break =) Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years~ hapy writings!
12/18/2005 c10 11les petits bateaux
The first part was hilarious! I was practically laughing my head off with the whole department store thing, that was so funny! Anyways, the video store part was a bit intensifying since Ben and Christine got back together very fast indeed, so maybe there's hope for Erik, maybe there isn't at all. We shall see. I thought that maybe Christine was still mad at Erik. Sure she'll let go, but not anytime soon. Yeap, Erik's still falling for her. The second last line said it all. But it was sad she can't take a hint.

12/17/2005 c9 3miss-blackhair
awesome job. simply awesome! WOOT WOOT. brilliant. anw, i wanna say more but my homework's screaming at me so to make it short and sweet: i LOVE the part when then guys eavesdrop on ben and christine. hmm.. wonder whats gonna happen next? i was smiling when erik was smirking behind christine back! =) LOL. update soon!
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