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12/15/2005 c9 5aqua-angel
An overall tense chapter. I thought it was cool how everyone was included in this chapter. And the whole thing with Jake and Adam just shouting things out~ they're such guy guys but it's funny hehe. Ben seems to have a pride thing going on and one to hold grudges. I just hope him and Erik won't be too "RaR" with each other. Hm... "rar" would be such a girl thing. =P

Haha, I can't wait for the next chapter! The guys are going into a supermarket to buy food~ lolz, this should be entertaining =) That's still pretty cool that the whole lot of them go together to stock up. I can picture these college guys just screwing off in like the cereal aisle or something. Hehe.

So really, what are your plans with Erik? Tell me tell me! Lolz~

LoLz, yeah I still crack up at the thought of it... haha xD "four four" *BANG* "I'm not a whore!" xD

Sounds like Ben and Christine broke up, which is strange because apparently the real-life Ben I've been telling u has just found a lady friend to drink with. Okay, from now on I will call him Benny. He's somewhat insulted me a couple of times over the internet, through the mic and gtalk thing, and sounds like a jerk. Not that I care that much, he doesn't know me and it's kind of amusing xD Yet at the same time, I'm kind of curious about him-who he is, what he looks like, and why he drinks so much. He seems to be drunk every night... But you know what's weird? Apparently he's been asking my friend about me too since he's been upset that I called him a drunk. My friend asked him "But you were drunk last night right?" Benny: "Well, yeah..." LoLz... =/

Haha that sounds very entertaining =D Interesting the two different contrasts those two have when drunk. You inform him what he said? haha does he remember anything he did or say the previous night at all? Your favorite drunk dialers? LoLz, are you saying you've had other drunk people dial you ? xD But yeah, I can see how that would be the highlight of your nite or wut not =)

Are you on break now?

Happy writings~!
12/15/2005 c9 9milenaa
hey there! liked the new chapter. couldn't agree more about christine's lack of maturity. And I thought Izzy lacked it bad! Lol. Anyways sorry to hear you're so busy! glad to know things will be less hectic for you soon. can hardly wait for the next chapter!
12/15/2005 c9 Kythia
I am, after a long time, reviewing again. Lol, I just have been extremely busy. Exams (I hate them!), as well as projects. Arg!

I loved this chapter so much. I cant wait until the next one is out. Take some time in between the permanant I'm-a-collage-kid-sleeping-on-break sleep to update, okay?


12/15/2005 c9 ana
yeah, christine is a drama queen. 99.99% of college students get really drunk from time to time anyway, at least at my school, so i don't really understand what christine's deal is - unless christine has had some really bad experiences with alcohol or something.

other than this, i love your writing style. the characters seem real and the pace is good.
12/15/2005 c9 2Bimbo-Trouble
hey there, awesome writer

its me again. i have to say, that this was another oen fo your awesome chapters showing that erik and that @#%$^can never eb together. i love it! i love your writing style and everything! thnaks for updating so soon!

nto much cassie though...:(
12/14/2005 c9 11les petits bateaux
You know, I'm beginning to think that I prefer Jake to Erik. Hmm, funny. Anyways, I thought Erik blew it. Sure, I know he couldn't have helped himself hearing what Christine said about him and Ben and all, but I guess with the whole argument going on, he totally messed up his chance with Erik. Ah, but you added a surprise with the fight and all. Probably Ben was just hung over and he didn't know what he was saying and probably he would want Christine back but maybe Erik would get her first. Anyways, great chapter, you did a pretty good job, since you're busy and all. :)

12/14/2005 c9 10giRLAddiCted
What is UP with Christine? Who! Wow...Erik actually got mad at the person he likes...if that's not backbone, well...YOU GO ERIK! Sorry. The character development pretty much showed last chapter but this one went over really well. Hope you do good in your finals, I'm rooting on ya! Oh...this chapter was too short by the way but I do not blame ya. Mine's going to be long but it's gonna suck while yours is short but it was great. Keep it up, Blondie!
12/14/2005 c9 pocket.mouse.poppet
Indeed... It would appear that Ben and Christine are fighting... And that both are pissed with Erik, Which although perfectly understandable for Ben, who has a hangover it is strange that Christine should take this so badly. Then again I suppose said lack of maturity could have a lot to do with it.

My only question is why Christine takes so much crap from Ben, and all the sudden -BOOM- it's just not good for people to behave that way. Unless she seriously needed to let off some steam. It would be interesting to know more about Christine, though I suppose the point is that nobody knows anything just yet.

*Screws up face in concentration*


*Light bulb pops up above head*

Yes! I have it! An idea! The perfect solution to all problems!

*Smacks Erik and Christine's heads together*


*Hides Ben under a rock*

So get with each other already!

*Gets evil look from all three*

Oops. Maybe I shoulda thought this through a little better.

*Erik, Christine and Ben advance menacingly*

Ok. Bye then.



Be going now.

*Runs like hell*

Shinies To All!
12/14/2005 c9 A nice guy's gf
Hey - I'm the reader every author hates. The one that reads ALL the time, but doesn't review unless it's to complain. So I thought this time I'd actually speak up so you'd know that I LOVE your story. The Shadow, too.

I always hated the "nice guys finish last" idiocy, so I was super interested when I saw you were writing a story about it. And despite my initial expectations - namely, that this was going to be a cliched but fun story - you keep surprising me.

I don't like Christine, but I don't think you want us to like her. I DO like Cassie. Nice guys should end up with nice girls.

You're doing a really good job of making everything complicated. That's a compliment - very few writers manage to be this realistic and still be fun.

As for plot, I feel really bad for Christine. I know I said I didn't like her, but she's becoming less likeable, and that makes the story lose some of its tension - if she's just a bitch all the time, it makes it easy for Eric to fall out of love (or infatuation, as the case seems to be). It also makes it easier for Christine and Ben to break up. Maybe give more sympathy to Christine?

Like I said, I love your story. Even if I never review again, I'm eagerly awaiting every chapter.
12/13/2005 c8 Cara4428
Oh, thats a harsh ending to that chapter. sorry i havent reviewed, i had to catch up on the chapters, damn college. good though, still loving erik!
12/12/2005 c8 pocket.mouse.poppet
I wonder why that whole fiasco had such an adverse effect on Christine. She seemed rather touchy, to say the least. And Ben getting smashed... Well that's just Ben. I think if I were Cassie, I would be one incredibly gutsy person. She roughs it through all the bullsh- and still manages to kick the guys off x-box to watch movies.

Shinies To All!
12/12/2005 c7 pocket.mouse.poppet
Hi again... I'm back from a wonderful family 'weekend in the city'. Three hours in a stinking hot car before staying in the spare room at some friends' house and trying not to intrude too much on family life... Fun fun fun. But they do have a son my age. I'm setting my friend up with him as some form of sick revenge. Muhahaha.

By the way, I don't really think Christine is a whore. It was my mind going into grandma mode. And Abby is... Interesting. Is Cassie the x-box kicker-offerer? Because if she is, go girl!

Shinies To All!
12/11/2005 c8 2Hug a Tree
o. cant wait ti see wgat happens next!
12/11/2005 c8 2Bimbo-Trouble
wonderful chapter again. keep up the good work. thanks for updating so soon. and yes, there is friction between christine and erik! yes! i love your story! keep it up! thank you again.
12/11/2005 c8 5aqua-angel
LoLz! Yes, u get to have a one-sentence review AND a uber-long one xDI just realized how long it was. haha

Adam and Jake are so entertaining! Dude... I think I just met your real life Ben. Ben minus girl. It's that drunk guy I told you about xD Omygosh, so you know those volume bars. Well, he was trying to get it to the fourth bar so he kept saying "four, four." it was so funny, cuz his voice must've carried all the way to the next room. His roomate (the "Ben" guy) barges in and yells at him "I'm not a whore!" hahahaha xD I actually can picture Erik's roomies doing that xD

Hm... the chapter didn't end on a good note :( Erik got yelled at... poor Erik. At first it made me annoyed because Christine is spazzing out at him and everything. She seems so whiney! But after a while, I thought, maybe there's a different reason. What if her father is an alcoholic, hence the family problems she has, and that's why she was hysterical about Ben. *shruggs* well that's my theory. Though I admit, I was prety annoyed.

Curious to what's going to happen in the car ride or what not. :S Poor Erik though! *huggs*

LOLZ! do you see a drastic difference between the girls dorm and the guys? They drunk dial you? hahaha I bet it really is entertaining :) I'm suprised they can still remember numbers in drunken states XD are u usually able to follow their train of thought or speech or wut not?

loving this story =) Happy writings!

*huggles Erik* ^^
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