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5/6/2006 c41 4quotata
i can't believe isabella and..er.. damn.. ryan? i forgot the name of her ex.. the one who broke his arm.. leg.. omg i'm so out of it.. will be interesting to read issabella's story.

and yes. nice guy's finish.. i'm glad HE didnt have to change to finish. it proves something.
5/5/2006 c40 17The Aphrodite Effect
Agh it's almost over!

I love Jake. He reminds me of my good friend Evan (love that boy!) except he doesn't get waster all the time . . .
5/5/2006 c41 9milenaa
haha i liked it quite a lot! poor jake, but seriously school was doing him no good, lol. hey maybe you could stick him in izzy's story somewhere, haha i bet there would be some craziness all around if that happened! (^_^) anyways Christine is a lot better. too bad we don't get to see anything else. i was starting to like her. and Alexandra... Aww! sad sad, caitlyn seems to be so cute! haha i love alexandra, even if we saw so little of her. Hey there are people that DON'T like Mrs C? C'mon, she's such a great mom! Yeah, there's the excessive nagging, but Jake deserves it about 99% of the time! Lol. And I so love Fall OUt Boy! So, extra kudos for you for mentioning them! Even if it wasn't in the story. But you got Death Cab in it, so that was like 100 kudos already for that chapter alone! hey wouldn't alexandra kind of know izzy since her father is also super freaking rich? Haha don't mind me. I'm just trying to stick all my favorite characters in Izzy's story. Tell me if that annoys you hehe. Oh and I'm curious! After Izzy's story, what other plots do you already have in mind? well that's all, i guess. cant wait for your next stories! bye!
5/5/2006 c41 11les petits bateaux
Last chapter, already? Sigh. The ending was beautiful. I loved how you associated the title with the ending, and how you brought everyone 'together' at the end, especially explaining what happened with Alexandra. It was beautiful! Haha. Sure, this whole story has been one heck of a ride, but maybe it is quite a fulfilling experience for good ol' Erik, who finally grew a backbone without losing his Nice Guy exterior. Cheers to the characters for fitting in the story so perfectly. Kisses to you for being the mastermind.
5/5/2006 c41 7Kratrz
number 10 does seem like a good option. :P everyone blown to bits.
5/4/2006 c40 9milenaa
hey there! loved the new update! haha Jake is soo funy i love him ! anyways Christine was not my first option for Erik, but Cassie were just... not gonna happen. But I guess Christine is okay in the end. Haha. I guess she's okay, and if Erik is happy with her, it's alright. (LOL it even sounds as if they're real poeple!) haha. oh and I can't wait to read about Izzy. It should be interesting! (^_^) Good job!
5/4/2006 c40 11les petits bateaux
Oh no no no no no. Off to the last chapter? Sigh. I'm going to miss this story so much. It wouldn't be much fun if it was Izzy's P.O.V. because I love Erik too much! Too see how much he's grown from not having a backbone to actually having one is just so fulfilling. Sigh. Good chapter though, it seemed realistic enough, especially with Jake passing out and Adam...giggling. *shudder* Trilogy? You do rule.
4/27/2006 c39 les petits bateaux
First of all...a TRIPLE update? My friend, you are on FIRE! Thank you. Anyways, I really really liked this chapter, thanks to thie drama and everything. Kudos to you for allowing the whole scene to be...quiet, since it's at Erik's mother's grave and everything. The hug was just so adorable. I think Cassie really needed that, but really, I am VERY glad they're friends again. Let me confess something. I think that...Christine shouldn't be the good guy (girl) in this story. I know that she's going to be and everything, but I just miss the bitch that she was last time! I don't know...oh well. We'll just have to see how everything works out. Oh yes. 2 MORE CHAPTERS? Oh no you don't. The Shadow was like...what? 91 chapters! And this is just 41! That's 50 less chapters, dear. I know everything for Erik has been like a soap opera, but you have to just try and enhance this a bit. And when this ends...there'll be no more Erik/Ana etc. story. You couldn't just close it so fast. Please. :)
4/26/2006 c39 41AbbeyEileen

EVEN if they're just friends, they'll always be more INMYHEART.

4/26/2006 c37 AbbeyEileen
I'm glad that Erik and Rob and Ana got to sit and talk... is Christine, like, totally out of the romantic picture? New girl for Erik? Will he be single for awhile?

I think you also missed a few spaces a commas throughout the entry, but I don't remember specific places, so you might want to check it out.
4/26/2006 c39 9milenaa
wow i cant believe we're so close to the end! lol and i understand everything you explained in the FAQ's of the sort. although i never actually saw Erik and Cassie together, but i do admit i'd rather see him with someone else other than christine. maybe she'll grow on me on the next few chapters left eheh yeah you so rule triple update, not many can pull it off! olol keep writing i cant wait for more and then for izzy's possible story!
4/26/2006 c39 7Kratrz
and then afterwards, you're gonna make another continuation on another character? hehe.
4/26/2006 c39 4quotata
hm... well not turning out the way i thought it would.. was sure christine would continue to be a bitch...lol.. oh well.. as long as it's happy..
4/26/2006 c39 3miss-blackhair

so this story's gonna be shorter than the previous one? i see, ok.

maybe this is not the appropriate moment for this but OMIGOSH, JAKE'S SUCH A GREAT FRIEND! he's so cute! hee hee

okay, the chapters are really enjoyable. very nicely done. everything was great. i'd like to thank you for updating so fast! you rawk! hahah

and yes, ugh, christine's back. and i feel like reaching out of my computer and strangle her! how can erik, such a nice guy, likes such a bitch? i totally dun geddit. is he blind or something?

hmm... i totally understand why erik's not attracted to cassie or watsover. yes, i've just experienced that sort of stuff a few weeks ago and i remembered 'aha! now i know how erik feels.' no kidding

thumbs up for ana! hee hee

i like the part in the apartment, though. you know, when the guys went to erik's mom's apartment. i dunno why i like but its pretty interesting.

anw, since this story's finishing, are you starting on a new one? if yes, will it be related to these characters or a completely new one? if no... i'll be debating if i'd like to strangle you or break your bones.

hahah. nah, juz kidding.

update soon!
4/25/2006 c36 41AbbeyEileen
oh rob the dad! Just a question- why didn't they change their names? I know a ton of people who, hating their parent, have changed their last name. Like, my cousin is even threatening to do so b/c she hates her dad so much. But yeah...

I have to admit, I /realy/ do not like Christine. I think she's a manipulative little b!tch, and needs to go away. Far away!

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