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4/25/2006 c36 11les petits bateaux
O.O Isn't it funny? Dad walks out, Mum remains. Mum walks out (forever) and Dad returns. I will be looking forward to the next chapter because of dear Ana. I am glad that you're starting to add her more because of all the family problems that they've been having. Anyways, I had a little flashback about Christine and Erik's relationship when Erik remembered Christine. Anyways, I was thinking...amidst all this drama, where was Christine? CASSIE? Haha...I know that they'd probably come in way later, but I just can't help it. Cassie and Erik? What's going to happen? Right then. Enough questions, I'll allow you to think out your plot thoroughly. Dad sounds alright, though the other family he has sounds too perfect for Erik and Ana, I guess. Probably Dad just felt guilty too, but you can't blame him. He can't be alone forever. I hope Ana doesn't take his Dad's returning a very bad thing. :)
4/24/2006 c36 4quotata
it woulda been hypocritical..
4/23/2006 c36 9milenaa
oh WOW so much is happening in this story i wonder if there will be any plot ideas left for poor izzy's story hehe anyways i really liked it. i can't wait to see how ana reacts!
4/23/2006 c35 3miss-blackhair
im sorry for not reviewing for the past chapters. but i had thoroughly enjoyed all of them. they were totally awesome.

omigosh, i could feel tears welling up when i read this chapter. its juz so realistic. everything juz fits beautifully and... omigosh, its juz so good! i feel like hugging the computer right now since i cant possibly hug the story.

the wait for you to update the story is so worth it. i love this story so much! =) i like the way you potray their feeling and i could actually see the story running through my head like a really great movie. boy, awesome man. erik's such a great character. and jake's a real good buddy. wow, im juz so taken away. omigosh, i like this story soo much! hahah

well, sorry for swooning at your story or watever. its juz that its real good stuff. i hope you dun mind this long review. oh well, update soon! =)
4/23/2006 c34 4quotata
..was she ANGRY that her bestfriend and brother MIGHT be involved (or so she thought)? omg.. THAT GIRL *rolls eyes*
4/22/2006 c35 9milenaa
i so vote for the izzy sequel. I love izzy. will always love izzy! reading about her would be comepltely awesome! uh huh, now about the current story... lol. yeah i always noticd that about erik's mom. and i'm glad he had mrs. c to kinda be there for him and all. makes it cute and shit. (by the way i'm to sleepy right now that's why i can't spell for shit! lol sorry about the rant...)
4/22/2006 c35 11les petits bateaux
Definitely not the reaction I'd expect from Ana...anyway, it was refreshing for me to read Eric's flashbacks and everything. Even though it was quite little, it opened up more about his life. Mrs. Carlson? I don't know about her being Erik's acting mother. *shudder* Though Jake would be very much happier.
4/22/2006 c35 17The Aphrodite Effect
That was really good. It rehashed some old memories of lising my second mom, the mother of my best friend when I was six.

And to break away from that, when there are only two kids, it's older and younger. Oldest and youngest imply a middle child or middle children. Yes, I'm a grammar nerd. Blame my parents. :P
4/22/2006 c35 41AbbeyEileen
I can understand it (one of my best friends for about six years, and I've known him for close to ten, asked me out a few weeks ago, but he's more like a brother...), but I guess I just like the /idea/ of him and Cassie. Cassie's a really nice girl, and she deserves to be happy. Hopefully, she'll find somebody else that likes her as much as she likes him.

On another note, how long do you think the story will be? I wnat to know so I can recognize the winding up of it more, and it's easier for me to judge how far into a story the author is or I am. Kind of like when reading th ebook, ic an say 'I still ahve half the book, yay!" or "it's almost over, damnit!" or something.
4/19/2006 c34 5TheKZ
whoa. that's all I've got to describe this chapter...
4/18/2006 c34 Kythia
Crazy, crazy chapter.

I was glad that we saw some Ana, but the situation for the call was not exactly the most pleasent. Although you effectivly killed off a character. Very nicely done!

I wanted to see ana's reaction THIS chapter, though. ::pouts::

Lol. Great chappie. Thanks for updating!

Until the next chapter,Kythia
4/18/2006 c34 11les petits bateaux
Aah. I'm happy that you're not going to neglect this beautiful story, just because of your workload and all. :D Anyways, there wasn't much to say about this chapter due to the fact that nothing DRASTIC happened...I guess the next chapter was going to be quite a sight when Ana's reaction comes in. In a rush now, so awesome chapter as always. :D
4/17/2006 c34 9milenaa
hey! yeah she wasn't mean but... bitchy, lol anyways liked the new chapter. i always like the chapters with izzy. ^_^
4/17/2006 c34 41AbbeyEileen
I like how Erik is able to show his emotions, able to admit his feelings. And, even though it's kind of mean, I'm glad she's dead. She wasn't nice to either, especially Erik. I really like him, but I think he needs to open his eyes to see Cassie clearly.
4/13/2006 c33 4quotata
u and your drastic endings!
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