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3/17/2006 c31 3miss-blackhair
wait. wait a minute. you mean alexandra has a CHILD? OMG!@#$%^&*(really?are you sure?or did i intereprete that wrongly?gosh, im awashed in a sea of confusionlolbut im being serious here.i hope you can clear my head in the next chappie.

hm... and why i dun like christine? coz i still havent get over my stubborn thought that erik should be with cassie and not her! yah, i noe im being kinda unreasonable but thats wat i honestly think. and we havent heard from cassie for ages! i really wonder how she is now...

anyway, so now, besides the qn i had first asked in this review just now, i have another qn in my mind... i really wonder who the hell erik's gonna date next. REALLY. is it gonna be alexandra? back to christine? or maybe HOPEFULLY cassie? or maybe erik's gonna realise jake's the real true one for him... lol. nah, juz kidding on the last one. so, anyway, i hope you'll gonna put in some hints in the next chapter.

CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPPIE! Ps: ah! dun be sick! drink plenty of water kay.
3/17/2006 c31 4quotata
3/16/2006 c30 quotata
at least she's not gonna break up with him because of a nother guy per say..
3/14/2006 c30 3miss-blackhair
w00t w00t! great chapter! so much action, i juz LOVE it. and the part between erik and jake is juz so awesome. i cant help grinning so bad. i really admired how you wrote that part. it was so FUNNY! LOL. okay, its confirmed, I LOVE JAKE. he's such a playful, witty guy. hahah.

anw, OMG. christine broke up with erik. actually, HONESTLY, i dont really mind that. coz i dont really like christine. sorry bout that, but yeah. HMM... so wat now? update soon! =)
3/14/2006 c30 5TheKZ
gosh, no one lives happily ever after! Poor Erik!
3/14/2006 c30 Kythia

Just when I was liking her!

Don't let them break up! That would be horrible!

3/14/2006 c30 11les petits bateaux
Damn it! Just as I was liking her, she dumps Erik, though I guess it was reasonable for her to do so, as of course, the relationship could not go on with them hiding what they do behind Christine's dad. And he will find out everything sooner or later. So congrats to Christine for being realistic. Oh my my my...Erik's going to be c-r-u-s-h-e-d, and I'll hate to see him like that. Let's all pray that he'll get over it. :)
3/13/2006 c29 4quotata
3/11/2006 c29 Kythia
Aw! I loved this chapter! It was so sweet! I am starting towarm up to Christine alot. She seems less of a bitch and more like a good girl. I think I feel this way because I have an openmind ::breathes and thinks 'open mind':: annd because she said herself that she had been a bitch int the relationship shehad with ben.
3/11/2006 c28 Kythia
I was just curious...not that I do not love this story, becasue I do, you ha ve 28+ chapters, and things usually end sooner than what I wish for! :)
3/11/2006 c29 11les petits bateaux
YES! You have no idea how happy I am that they finally kissed. And oh? It wasn't just a kiss in this chapter...it was a few kisses. I'm so happy for Erik that he got what he wanted, which was Christine. They both sounded so adorable. Pure fluff chapter, this one, and it gave me a fuzzy feeling inside. Good work!
3/10/2006 c28 can't think of a name P
Aw... way to leave me hanging! .

oh well... great story btw. I usually like reading fantasy stories cuz it's more interesting to see into someone else's imagination but ur story had me captivated. Erik is a very well fleshed out character and u write very well. I sympathize with ur character.

keep on writing! (it's annoying when a good author decides not to post on the internet anymore =\ )
3/10/2006 c28 les petits bateaux
You are, once again, undeniably fast. There were a few lines in that chapter that really made me laugh like HELL but this was the ultimatum:

"One day, Erik James Masterson, you’ll wake up and realize that I’m THE ONE!” - Jake

That one was really...HILARIOUS. I swear, I was laughing my head off with that one non-stop (even now). Anyways...oh Erik's really got a tough job, huh? God, that customer really pisses him off...I'm surprised that he could be that patient as to not burst out and scream at them. Sigh. Erik really is a good guy. I'm glad that Erik and Christine are finally having their first one-on-one date. Hopefully, there won't be any interruptions. :)
3/10/2006 c28 17The Aphrodite Effect
Good chapter, but doesn't her work at Red Rooster, not Red Robin?
3/10/2006 c28 4quotata
no fair.. cliffie.
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