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11/10/2003 c1 Evangeline
I like this. In some places the writing seems a little thick, unnecessary. But the simplicity of the last line is chilling.
2/24/2002 c1 Ryan Berke
"Such excellence has never been seen before, to the extent that one would have to make up a new word to describe it. This I will do right now: 'scrumtrilescent'". -SNL

Seriously though, this is good. I'm speechless. Liz, you are amazing. Keep stuff like this up.

*kiss* I love you.
6/22/2001 c1 Skyfire
Shimmercat... that was the most disturbing fic i have ever read ::shiver::
2/18/2001 c1 Subaru
wow. That was wonderful! BTW, I'm a friend of Musouka's! ^_^ I love your site. Ja ne!

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