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for A Quest Gone Rong

5/9/2014 c10 Nikki Oly
Well I for one have been happy to rediscover this story! It's so different from what I remember but also much more developed! (Not better but not worse - which sounds like a backhanded compliment but I only meant that I loved the original version as much as this one, not more or less but of equal love).

So anyway. If ever you one day decide to continue this story or get it published, I am a happy subscriber! Love it! I need more of Rong and Helena! This story is so fantastically original and funny and wonderful! It brightens my entire weekend that I found it again!
5/9/2014 c1 Nikki Oly
Has this changed since I first read it 5 years ago?! (I used to be Eclipsia Soulbird but things happened and now I'm not). I still love this story but I swear it's different from how I remember it!
9/17/2008 c10 5Chasing TeddyBears
How can you just leave us here? FOR 3 YEARS?


R.I.P. Princess Helena and Sir Rong?
11/30/2006 c10 14Respect Is Sexy
I love the contrasting points of view :-) sorry it took me so long to get to this!

I take back everything I said about Helena's sueism. She is hilariously ignorant and full of herself, and I love it.




11/28/2006 c10 Beks
You updated, I can't believe you really updated! It's great, as always. But I guess you were expecting me to say that weren't you? I really can't think of how else to describe it. You came up with a good plan by the way. But for some reason I thought the clam mostly ate boats. But I'm guessing it likes people too. Helena seemed more spoiled than usual though but I guess that's just her. I really love Sir Rong, he does remind me of me and I feel terribly sorry for him. Well, at least somtimes. Anyways, update soon and keep up the great writing!
11/28/2006 c10 11Tanwen-Whitefire
oh! ooh! PICK ME! i'm still here, and i love those last lines... excellent choice. and i want a pet clam of clamity.
2/20/2006 c3 2florida

WoW! It just keeps getting better and better

I LOVE sr. Rong’s clueless personality and Helena’s spoiled one, it makes the story so much fun. Actually the whole plot and concept is hilarious!

I can't wait to read the rest of this surprising tale!

12/15/2005 c9 14Respect Is Sexy
Oh yes, I know what you mean. I try to make all of my stories as humorous as possible in spite of their serious undertones, because if a story I'm writing isn't funny I'll get bored. I love to make people laugh.omg it's a giant clam! Dude! The poor sailors... lmao so Reggie wants Helena and Rong to defeat a giant clam? I can see it now! The Crustation of Catastrophe! The Oyster of Evil! lmao this is great.Looking forward to the next chapter.Rebelauthoress
12/15/2005 c9 8Shang Warrior Phoenix
good, i'm glad you're unstressed. you should DEFINATELY continue. he's my threat. if you don't continue i will do what i did to make you stay up when you slept over. Love this chappie.
12/14/2005 c9 daee69
hello...alright what to say..I don't think i like helena much. She seems really self-centred, but that may have been your goal? I'd like to know more about tihs village and the giant clam...legends? a prophecy? (just kidding..) rong was good this chapter...and i like the village leader character...keep writing! ;)
12/13/2005 c9 11Tanwen-Whitefire
no... the lil boy... sniffle... TT_TT WAH!

can i have the clam as my pet? I WANT A GIANT, BOAT EATING CLAM AS MY PET! honestly, it's almost as cool as the 'fell beasts of the air' that the nazgul ride in lotr. (i want one of those to...). AWESOME news about that play! sounds fun! i, have also been busy, paitning a sign for my work. anyways, awesome job! :D
12/13/2005 c9 Beks
Mary, if you don't continue this story I swear I'll send the Spitting Camels after you. Although, since I'm such a wonderfuly good hearted cousin, I'll turn you into a werecat and THEN if you still don't write I'll have the Spitting Camels finish you off. After we go to Thailand that is...Anyways, great chapter! I liked the ending the best. Hehe Jolly James? But I have one question. Why didn't they just tell Reggie the whole truth? I'd understand if they made a story up but they told him MOST of the truth, all of it wouldn't have much difference would it?
12/6/2005 c8 8Shang Warrior Phoenix
Hey,that's ok.i know your stressed out. i like this chapter nonetheless. anyways...good job!
12/6/2005 c8 11Tanwen-Whitefire
GASP! is the village gonna capture them, for thier own nefarious gain? oh no! i hope they know not to give out their true inten and identities. it will only be held against them...
12/6/2005 c8 14Respect Is Sexy
Oh gosh, you call this not updating in a long time? Yes, you usually update close to daily, but trust me, you're still doing great. Why, I've known a girl on fanfiction who took TWO YEARS to update her story. And it was a DAMN GOOD STORY! . so unfair...

Personally, I like to wait until all my friends have gotten a chance to review. But that's just me...

But anyways. About YOUR story xD. This chapter wasn't as funny as the others, but certainly interesting. Why are they carrying pitchforks? O.o My only piece of advice is that maybe you should have described the town and the peasants better. I couldn't really picture them in my mind. But there's plenty of time for that later. Keep up the great work!
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