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12/18/2005 c1 4I-am-Eskimo
Aw, I like it! And my thing was a Oneshot...not a story. But I don't think that this was corny!
12/1/2005 c1 1GeorgyannWayson
Ugh! That was so NOT corny. This was good! Hey, thanks for reviewing 'Fat is an understatement'. How the flipping jacks did you find it anyways? It must've been hidden along with all the other lost stories of our time...Sorry. Off-topic!

~Black Feather Quill~
11/25/2005 c1 5Kitten Arcane
Wow you're right, that WAS corny. But I LOVE corny poetry! ^_^ I have a few corny poems..hehe. I did like this, the middle section was nice but you may want to look at the ending a bit more. Keep writing!

11/25/2005 c1 1Syrins
I didn't think it was terribly corny. I thought it had a bit f truth and taste in it.


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