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for The Promise In You

5/23/2006 c1 44Dark-Light39
o.O That was amazing.
12/5/2005 c1 jessiebell
What an amazing poem. The Humpty Dumpty reference hit home with me. I have, at times, referred to my " Humpty Dumpty heart"... and all the kings horses and all the kings men...
11/26/2005 c1 34Smoky Bear
i like the way it twists and turns and brings the rhymes across stanzas, i find this conveys the concept of the poem effectively.

"Did déjå vu ever control you with vertigo?" - yes indeed! :D that's a swish line.

(did you know if you double space in quickedit it gives you stanzas without having to put in markers? - you probably did so i'll butt out)

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