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4/5/2017 c1 114zigaudrey
It bothers that some words are uncorrectly written due of phonetic. It is a handicap when it come from writting?
You replace "sans" by "sont" and "son" and "c'est" by "c'est.

-"Cœur", "minéraux" and "rêve" are male words, so, the determinant is "mon".
-On the last verse, "finit" is supposed to be "finie". It is the second verb, it doesn't need to be accorded with the pronom. It have a "e" on the end because "Relation" is a female word.
-"Notre relation peutetre court", the right sentence is "Notre relation est peut-être courte".
-The right verse for "Quand tu es avec moi suis heureuse" is "Quand tu es avec moi, je suis heureuse".
-"Toujour" end with a "s".
-"que tu me touche", you are using the second person of singulier, the verb should end with "s".
-"Tu me protégé", it end with the "s" once more. And NO accent on the second "e".
-"Somme" always end with a "s" when it is followed with "vous".

Strange you are able to add accent on word. Some words need it.
Writing a french poem require time and re-reading in order to correct words and mistake.

Surprising that the poem is writted with rhyme. Which it is a difficult task for a non-french speaker as it require more words that end with the same sound. We need training to do so.
3/28/2006 c1 A Beautiful Nightmare
I don't know why but... French poems always did sound nicer than English poems somehow... maybe its the way the language flows... I loved the last line... it says: "our relationship is everlasting" right? Pardon my poor translation... I take Spanish and I understand a bit of French because of that... hehe... it's quite hard for me to find mistakes since I'm not French... it's beautiful.. that's all I'm going to say...
12/6/2005 c1 68Ildri
why is it in french? ... anyway, that's better then i could have ever done. Good job!

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