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11/28/2005 c1 1rock 'n' roll junkie
Haha I love it. The slap was very abrupt and amusing. The reactions, priceless. Great story to a fun story! And those three definitely seem like they could be really good friends (Jophi, Ryan and Rachel)
11/27/2005 c1 blanky
i like where its going but maybe you could go more in depth with the characters... yea but awesome
11/27/2005 c1 4Empyreal Melody
Haha. Yay! Another story! And it's funny! Is Ryan under some sort of bet? That wink is kinda suspicious... unless it's me who's being suspicious. But cool fic!
11/27/2005 c1 7yarrowicefrost
this was pretty good:) write more soon, yeah?

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