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for At the Edge of the Blade

5/4/2007 c1 15liz anya
You might not remember, but you reviewed my haiku, "Bloodshed" a couple years ago, and I actually never read your review until today. xD Anyway, I read this story, and you're right, it really suits the theme of the haiku. It was certainly a very interesting read. Well done!
12/14/2005 c1 26Sub Form of Human
Nice story. I liked the first line about the knife 'speeking to him. It was also interesting how killing made the main character feel powerful. This story reminds me of the comic book series "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac." I'm impressed.
12/11/2005 c1 3Anthem Aeneid
Wow. I'm impressed. That was pretty cool. A little mixed up and confusing at times, but they cleared themselves up. I think you should read my short story once more and see if you can't see the deep hidden meaning in all of it (hint hint).

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