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5/16/2010 c11 10Sabreal
So you're doing the whole journal thing:

props to you coz i tried that once and it was tricky pretending you were reporting it rather than not.

I'm loving the idea of Roth. He represents all the geeks in the world, and now that he's "hot, he hasn't lost any of his vengeance.

That bit is marvellous. Everything else is original ;)
3/28/2010 c17 nightlystar
um are ever gonna update this story..cause if ur not den u should just take it down or post that ur not gonna update it..cause its not really fair for the new readers to start reading it and get hooked on it and u not finish..thats just mean!
3/18/2010 c17 bree
I think I've reread this story about a million times over since when I first read it about a year and a half ago. I would love, love, love to see it finished one day. Hopefully the muse will strike you once again, and this will be completed sometime in the next few years haha.
2/13/2010 c17 ghurl00
I loove... I hope you finish this story. It's awesome!=) Love, love, love Roth!
1/26/2010 c16 TaMaWe
please update, please please pretty pretty please
1/24/2010 c1 Mikariangel
Hey, I just started this story, and not only do I absolutely love it, I'm pretty sure I'm fantasizing what's about to happen next... Which Is kinda weird... But anyway. I was just wondering if u were still on writers block? And if u were ever going to finish this story? Sorry to be a bother
1/10/2010 c17 FeatherfooD
Sigh, I LOVE this story! I definitely share TJ's obsession with nerds (Spencer on CM=perfection), but I can't wait to see how her relationship with Roth turns out :) (I love his name by the way. Very manly sounding lol) ^_^
12/20/2009 c17 swellhats
i miss this story D:
12/18/2009 c17 Sandy Shin
I really enjoyed this story the first time(I've been reading this since the beginning, only under a different name), and now I'm liking it more on re-read. I'd be very ecstatic if you would ever finish this! :
12/18/2009 c17 Scars.forever.Scarlet

I just read this story all over again.

I Kinna miss it.

12/1/2009 c17 SkepticAboutLove
LOVE your stories-seriously ALL of them. Especially the characters. I hope you get the time to write because I'm waiting-not so patiently.
12/1/2009 c17 Michelle
Please Please Please MORE! Your fans are waiting!
11/30/2009 c17 AudreyKW
i really wish you would continue this!
11/28/2009 c17 NV12
hi... i really like this story. Roth is just lovely...he just needs to tell her haha!...are you going to be continuing this story?i see updates arent very frequent..are you still writing...or not?... and ive been reading your other stories on the secretive account and i just feel that all your female characters are so naive?are they supposed to be this way... they are 18 years old.. I understand that they innocent good girls but their naivety at some points just doesnt seem real or right to me.. I dont know how to phrase it correctly. I just dont think its believable at times.. totally my opinion ...feel free to justify but other then that ... I love you dammit :)
11/10/2009 c17 Sonja1023
great story! but why haven't you updated since 2007?

please please please please update!
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