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10/29/2009 c17 Hidden Flowers
Would you just update already?
10/21/2009 c17 Dwindling Fire
omg UPDATE! pretty please?
9/19/2009 c17 rapturedinfinity
Ok. I've just sat up half the night reading this story, only to get to this chapter and find that it's unfinished and not been updated since 2007!

You're an amazing writer, and I have to admit I was a little skeptical of the premise at first, but you've completely drawn me in and I've felt like yelling at Tameka/Jane the last couple of chapters because it was so. damn. obvious. that Roth was talking about her!

Anyhow, if you happen to have a continuation of this story posted somewhere else, I would dearly love to know. In the meantime I guess I shall content myself with reading your other stories, but I really, really want to see how the rest of this story pans out!
9/9/2009 c17 7Liya Smith

and i would probably say more, but i think everyone else has got it covered.
9/2/2009 c17 caronee

i remember reading this story like two years ago, and loving it then and waiting eagerly for updates to come out.

i still remembered the story now but forgot the title so i could never find it again. but i went on your other account, secretive, and found out you are the author of this story! i just reread it now and i think it's about time we had some closure to this evil evil story and its evil evil cliffhanger... i really like this story the most out of all your others, maybe it's a combination of how roth is actually pretty human, perfect, and not so perfect, and a great romance.

8/27/2009 c17 Mascara is evil
Happy new year? What happen to the focus? I miss this story and I just started reading it. This is so sad. I hope you find time to update this stroy in the near near future because it is awesome. I don't think that Roth heard her, and I am just waiting for when she realizes that she is his dream girl. At least it better be her or me and Roth are going to have a fight. anyway thanks for the great read.
8/26/2009 c6 Mascara is evil
Tameka's knees make me smile. Wow I never thought I would say something like that. Anyway, her collapsing is hilarious and that last time when he caught her was cute. Thank you for not havng them kiss because I don't think it would have fit with what was happening, nor with their characters. High-five for being a great character developer. :)
8/25/2009 c5 Mascara is evil
There's nothing wrong with Tameka J. Except that she thinks she loves an idiot. I like her and Roth's interactions a lot. He's insensitive but he's not a jerk, because if he was he would have left her at the party. He's complex and I like that in a character.
8/25/2009 c3 Mascara is evil
SO Tameka J. has a suck mother? Poor child, but like she said at least she has Aunt Trish. I don't like the name Jane either, like at all so I'm glad that Roth doesn't call her that. Speaking of Roth, is he not awesome? Cause I sure think he is. What can I say, I have a soft spot for misunderstood people.
8/22/2009 c17 1hatnim77
Please don't forget about Roth!
8/9/2009 c17 16mizgardenia21
It was awesome. I sat at my desk and started reading and I couldn't stop. Because your writing style is just that awesome! :D Roth is amazing and Tameka Janelle, she's just too cool for words. Thanks for the gift of Undetected Canoodling. I can't wait until you finish it.
8/3/2009 c7 1hatnim77
Ok, I'm right in the middle of the story, which is great, by the way,-good job on another slammin' story-and I've noticed something.

I don't want to sound like the one psycho commenter sprewing psychological crap all over the review section instead of properly reviewing the story, but I must clear my conscience.

Is it just me or is the Roth and Tameka relationship very much an example of an nt/nf pairing?

If you have not idea what I'm talking about, google "nt nf relationship" and you will be in for a rude awakenng.

Btw, I'm a NF.
8/3/2009 c1 TaMaWe
600th review YES

but it's not that pleasing

for me and for you

i am begging you on my knees for a tiny teeny teensie little update

i love this story really truly do

so i'm gonna keep bothering you, belive me, if you don't update
8/2/2009 c17 1lamp
i absolutely love this

as others have said, i find myself falling in love with a fictional character! i wish i knew someone like roth!

are u actually going to update this?

or have you dropped this?

because this is one of the few stories i read on fictionpress

if u aren't going to update then can u maybe give me a list of some others stories as good as this that i could read?

i would prefer the update though XD
8/1/2009 c17 5midnightsweetheart
I'm so glad I found this little gem of a story! It was very well written and your charecterisation is amazing. Not only do I completely empathise with Jane, the main character, but I am in love with Roth. Seriously- I want my own version.

I really loved it!
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