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7/16/2009 c17 MadameBeauteous
So today was your special day, i'v been reading all your stories:).And its three so that should give u an idea of how good i think they r. I just noticed that your most endearing leading male caracters r often of the latin(ie italian, hispanic) variety. i appreciate that lol. So i know u must be busy and all but i think this story deserves to be finished.this story and many unfinished others are masterpeices and worthy of beautiful endings.this is beyond u,u have to finish them:) now i will resort to begging:

pls pls pretty pls finish it!
7/16/2009 c17 5NeitherNora
This is a great story, and I'd love to read the rest of it. Ten months was a while, but it's been over a year and a half now! (That's getting to be a pretty epic kiss.) Could you give us (your loving, devoted readers) a sign whether or not you plan to continue it? Please? (Preferably a yes, and ideally a soon...) (Parenthetical statements for the win!)
7/13/2009 c17 2akaCHEEKS
oh my freaking god! you have to honestly finish this! what the hell? man its soo good. i'm starting to have the same taste of guys just like tameka janelle! haha fancy that.
7/11/2009 c17 jenni-tay
really good so far

cant wait for the next update
6/20/2009 c17 WantU2update
can u plz plz update. I love this story.
6/8/2009 c17 2Eye Heart Music
Hey, I really like this story. :)
6/4/2009 c17 2priscus-aoife
sigh... i still love this story, and i really hope you haven't given up on it because i would love to read the end of it one day :)
5/31/2009 c17 5Octopus
Well, I read all of this in one evening, and now I'm sad because you left it on a superultramega cliffhanger.

But I still like Roth's character ALOT. He's different from all the other guys I've seen in people's stories.

You're a good writer. :)
5/31/2009 c2 Octopus
This story is bitchin.

Er, from the two chapters I've read. Which isn't a lot, but whatever. :D
5/25/2009 c17 Max and Rose
I love this story. Actually I love all your stories but you already knew that since I've reviewed all of them (Yeah I'm weird that way, I review everything I read). I'm SO glad that I found you. But now I'm gushing and probably freaking you out. xD

Looking forward to your next update,

5/12/2009 c17 Taiyl
I hope this reach you. You have amazing talent and would love to read the conclusion for this story. I would beg if I believe it will help you write another chapter. My prayer will be with you and your family. Please update.
5/11/2009 c17 13VelvetyCheerio
Hello there. Found this story after a bit of sniffing around, and boy, has it been a blast. The characters are an amazing medley of sorts, I love how they've interacted and changed throughout the story, especially Jane.

Roth is at times frustrating, while again sympathetic. Sometimes I wonder about him, but with this chapter, I can't help but think that maybe he loves Jane as much as she's grown to love him. Maybe.

The writing style is amazing, and at times, I wonder if I'm still reading journal entries, or if this is the real thing. You do a great job, and judging by the people who just reviewed this chap (had to check, cause I'm weird that way) you're really popular, so, keep doing what you're doing.

This is one story I am definitely going to enjoy reading until it's done. :)

5/8/2009 c17 Petra Crystal
Please update! Please! I've been waiting 4 ages!

You have a wonderful writing style and a really kool plot.

I'll be waiting! lol.

xox petra
4/12/2009 c17 Desparate4URupdate
Hi.I love your story. Can you please please pleaseplease please update son?
3/22/2009 c17 7sourgummyworms2007
wow, i feel in love w/ ur story. and i'm kinda sad to see that its been a long while since u updated. but its a very good story and i enjoy reading it. it doesn't follow the typical cliche moment. and i love ur summary b/c it really does get the reader to think that she's actually goin for the brother at first and that the older brother is just an evil person. neway, good story.
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