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10/17/2008 c17 8WithoutException
Hey! I can't believe I hadn't read this story before...it's awesome! :) And at first it looked like you had abandoned it...but you said the last one was an update after 10 months, so it could happen again, right? Right?

I really like the names of your characters, by the way. I know it's kind of random, but weird/interesting names always make a story better (for me, at least!).

Keep writing! :)

10/10/2008 c17 5Camelia Sinensis
I read your story in like an hour and a half and now i'm begging you for more.

I'm loving it to bits. It's actually brilliant to see Jane's view of Robbie changing. He sounds like shuch a bloody useless prick. Not to mention Roth. :3 My newest crush. The best thing is he's still an arrogant wanker, but you can't help but really love him.

All of that said...how about posting a very new and very long chapter?
9/21/2008 c16 tildabeans
Wow, I forgot how much I really loved your writing style. Damn, I missed it.

So today, while I was supposed to be doing my homework, I looked you up and began to read. :]

And then I got to Chapter 17, and I screamed. I remembered that cliff hanger, and was like, "DAMNIT! Why didn't I remember that before I got hooked again?"

So if you start reading your reviews, and you see mine, just remember the poor blond girl that has been waiting for you to update. But no pressure okay? Okay, good.

Now I'm going to read it again.

Happy Writing! (I hope)
9/20/2008 c17 Jess
So, I keep hoping that there is going to be an update soon...and everytime I check out my favorite authors on fictionpress I make sure that I check yours too because I don't want the one time I don't check to be the one time that you actually update! I'd feel pretty dumb about it if it were.

Alas, you haven't updated since last december. Let me just say that again - you haven't updated in 266 days. This is a ridiculously long time! I'm so upset!

Don't be mad about this review...it just means that you write good stories and people want to keep reading them! Be pleased that you have mad writing skills!
8/30/2008 c17 1charliedon'tdie
You do this genre/style brilliantly. Please update!
8/28/2008 c17 3Duuude
Whoa. I thought the story was finished! You left this one hanging too! How could you?

Your fans need you! Forgot about having to go to school. I'm more important!

Was that self-centered or what?

But seriously. I love ALL of your stories and the fact that not everyone is white in your stories is amazing too. Since, I'm African myself. +=+

And I also have a thing for Latinos! haha. But the language is so caliente. XD

I like Italians too. My dad speaks it and I'm forcing him to teach me. haha. And from there, I'll learn spanish since the languages or so similar.

Oh yeah... when you wrote 'beg pardon', which I think you write in your other stories too, isn't it supposed to be 'beg your pardon'. I always thought it was. *scratches head*


I'm going to be sulking about the year-long cliff-hangers you've left your readers at forever. =)
8/28/2008 c11 Duuude
I knew it was going to be Roth and her when he showed up at the airport!


I feel so accomplished. I think everyone knew that though, why else would he show up in the book?

Anyway, the song by lifehouse you quoted... I LOVE IT!

+_+ It makes me cry every time I listen to it, I'm very emotional. =P

Lovely chapter.
8/28/2008 c7 Duuude
OMGSH! Purple's my favourite colour too! Wee! =)

Okay, that's not all I'm going to say after reading all these chapters.

Anyway, I realy like this story. I thought the journal format was kind of weird (read:boring). It's not your fault though, I just have a really short attention span, for some reason I like it when there's dialogue better. I don't know why.

Oh yeah and this story's very different from the stories on your Secretive account. You can see that your writing's matured.

I still love this though! Jane's an awesome character. So's her name, Tameka Janelle. Haha. I know two girls with those names, Tameka and Janelle. They're friends too. xD

You're right though, she's not a Mary Sue for sure. Writer's can't help but throw things about them in there sometimes.
8/27/2008 c17 D-Mish
I actually really like this story because its not shallow unlike other stories and its really intimate without using kissing to the extreme extent.

Really nice, i do hope you update soon! Awesome stuff!
8/26/2008 c17 dee
when? when? when? when are you gonna update?
8/22/2008 c17 Jen
This story is amazing and cute and funny... please update. the characters are so endearing, i want to know more :)
8/17/2008 c17 4fluffykitty
I. Love it. I've been geting those weird little flutterings in my insides as I read. You know, when your stomach starts doing flips. And I can kind of see myself in her shoes. Seeing as something KIND of similar(but a lot more on the depressing side) happened to me not too long ago. So I'm kind of imagining things.
8/16/2008 c17 peppermintstorm
for the love of god and my sanity update!the story is soo good you cant leave it like this!Please
8/16/2008 c17 Waiting Impatiently
Update Update Update!

If it's so easy to write, FINISH IT, so I can be happy! (but not too quickly...)

Yup, that's really all I had to say.

Great story, go Roth, boo Robbie, et cetera, et cetera...

And if you don't update, I guess you have to deal with a lack of Roth in your life, too, so be kind to yourself and your readers and UPDATE!
7/20/2008 c17 10hoovi
omiGod please write the next chapter... its so amazing i love this story... even though normally i hate reading online. ITS SO AMAZING ITS SO AMAZING.
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