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for My Undetected Canoodling

5/9/2016 c17 xxSongBirdxx
yass news years kiss
5/9/2016 c16 xxSongBirdxx
I really confused with Roths mystery girl I mean I thought it was Tameka but now I don't know...
5/9/2016 c14 xxSongBirdxx
OMG such cuteness
5/9/2016 c13 xxSongBirdxx
OMG no she is not hahaha
5/9/2016 c12 xxSongBirdxx
oh kiss already lol so much sexual tension
5/8/2016 c11 xxSongBirdxx
Poor Roth doesn't like feeling hes second best
5/8/2016 c10 xxSongBirdxx
what a absolute prick that Robbie is
5/8/2016 c8 xxSongBirdxx
Omg what will Robbie think if he finds them?
5/8/2016 c7 xxSongBirdxx
this story is so sweet and witty
5/8/2016 c6 xxSongBirdxx
finally open your eyes girl lol and also figure that you actually like Roth
5/8/2016 c5 xxSongBirdxx
she connects with Roth more then Robbie
5/8/2016 c4 xxSongBirdxx
I feel so sorry for Roth what a rotten family he has.
5/8/2016 c3 xxSongBirdxx
Roth is cute in a annoying but hot way lol
5/8/2016 c2 xxSongBirdxx
I really like Roth even if he is a jerk to lol the brother though is a fuckboy
5/8/2016 c1 xxSongBirdxx
great start so far
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