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1/4/2008 c17 Serena
Wow, I desperately want Tameka to stop being so stupid and realize that Ross is amazing and in love with her. This is truely an addicting story and the writing is indeed very amusing. I hope you keep writing. And amazing timing (new years etc) happy belated holidays to you too.
1/4/2008 c17 1kimheami
no please update soon.. even if it is something really short.. please i need to know what happens next!
1/4/2008 c17 28Imagined Insanity
...you...you...you! you evil person! I find out about your other account (this one) and read every chapter and THIS IS HOW IT ENDS? For the love of all things holy, woman, i love your stories but i need updates!

oh, and absolutely adore this story; Roth has got to be one of he coolest people ever.
1/2/2008 c17 1GoddessofChocolate
Thank you for the chapter and after so long too... Hope to have another chapter soon...
1/2/2008 c17 Lena Niccolas
man a cliff hanger. I just really hope he heard what she said in the last chapter. I doubt it, but still. They have to get togethor soon... Please update sooner if you can! Ideally tomorrow, but I can see why that might be a little bit harder. Just not 10 months.
1/2/2008 c17 3violin-lady13
hahahaha, this is great! i can't believe i hadn't found it before now, i've read your other stories under Secretive and they're awesome. i was thrilled to read something else by you, and this was definitely worth it-the first person narrative thing is light and funny, with just the right amount of sarcasm/uncertainty to flavor it. the writing seems so natural, you know? it flows really well. and the journal thing is a hilarious twist on the whole thing, i pretty much laugh every time i see "Well, Mr. Abernathy, would you believe it?" or something of that ilk.

anyway, i loved this, and the cliffhanger is very evil. an oxymoronic good kind of evil, though, if that's possible. :-) way to go!
1/1/2008 c17 2blueangel87
Write on, oh Evil writer! Sooner the better :D
12/31/2007 c17 xjennnny
olalala;betr updatee soon or i throww mangos at chu x]
12/31/2007 c17 Julieell093
good chapter! keep going [:
12/31/2007 c2 2Black-Rose-Upon-Thorn
Oh my dear God, lmao i've fallen in love with Jane already. (Sisterly love lol) i like her personality. i just feel sorry for the teacher, how the hell do u react to a student diary with stuff like that?
12/31/2007 c1 Black-Rose-Upon-Thorn
Lmao for some reason this cracked me up especially where she reveals her "biggest, darkest secret" and where she says, "killing two windows with one stone".Darling, it's killing two birds, lol
12/30/2007 c17 2Angel of Ink

You almost had me in tears when Jane was about to leave, thinking Roth hated her- have I told you how much I love his name, by the way?- it must be because it's that time of the month, I swear I'm not usually so pathetic.

Okay, you didn't need to know that. Sorry. But seriously, I had to tell you I was almost shedding tears (huge compliment, so take it that way) but in order to do that I had to explain...

ANYWAY. :D Awesome chapter, loved it, blah blah blah, update soon, this is like my favorite of your stories so seriously, update soon.
12/30/2007 c17 Party-In-The-Rain
Oh my god. I just watched Juno and came home and bam, you updated. Two great things in a row. And the ending? Wow. I don't know whether to be stoked they finally got some macking done, or worried about what is going to happen next, since you said it's going to be a series, this arc can't end in all rainbows and sunshine. I like that we got to know Roth's music taste in this chapter. He likes Muse, therefore he is enlightened (Absolution is a magnificent album). I hope we get an update soon! I'm on the edge of my seat in anticipation :).
12/30/2007 c17 3MandyRenae
ok. you cannot do that to us!

10 month absence, and then leave a cliffie! (just like you said)

But seriously, you are a very cruel person.

Its not fair...!

p.s. i really do love it!
12/30/2007 c17 1EasilyDamaged
"did you honestly think I could give up on a character like Roth?"

EEK! :O Does that mean Roth/Jane won't end up together? Noo! :( That would make my heart break.

This chapter was fabulous. I just noticed a few errors (I do those too so it's not like I care). ;) Such amazingness! Hope to see more soon!
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