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5/28/2015 c2 ChuGaEun
she's gonna end up with roth, wouldnt she?
5/11/2015 c20 ajashire1
I couldn't stop reading your story no matter how hard I tried. That is the reason why it's currently 12:19 am and I'm still up. It's a school night and I have to get up at 5.
I'm in a desperate need for sleep right now so I'll make this short and sweet.

Beautiful, amazing, captivating, a truly awe inspiring and humerus piece. Lovely.

-Aja X3
5/1/2015 c20 Melly
How many times have I read these last two chapters? I have lost count. I miss Jane and Roth so much; I am picturing them being married and having babies. I came across this story roughly five years ago and like Thatcher and Nadine, Jane and Roth are apart of my life. I think somewhere they exist for real. I will hold on to that belief
3/30/2015 c20 allancaldera
It was a really love story. Love the both together and happy that Roth has its happy ending with jane. I usually read slash but this was good.
3/25/2015 c20 MusicGurl8129
I love this story, it was funny, cute, and romantic. And I really like Roth's character, he was cool and sure of himself, which I really liked. Him and Jane are so cute together too.

I really hope you can get a sequel out, I miss them already.
3/18/2015 c20 4gnez
Awesome story! I really liked it. Good job!
3/7/2015 c20 1lovesthedark
Seeing that you updated this story made my day! I was 15 when I started reading this story and now at 23, I still love it! Roth and Jane are so cute, I love how you ended the story! Happy Belated Birthday!
3/5/2015 c20 Cristina
I have to say this: you are a brilliant writer. I love the way you write. I've been reading your stories since I was fourteen years old. I am now nineteen years-old and in my sophomore year of college... I am still obsessed with your characters. I realize I just admitted to stalking you for the last five years of my life...I realize that. But I can't force myself to care in my current state of mind. Have you ever watched a famous person give an interview and thought "we'd be best friends in real life"? That's how I feel about you when I read your stories. We would be best friends in real life in fact, we have been. For years and years..inside my head. That sounded creepy. In fact, this all could sound creepy but I mean it in a non-creepy way. By the way, when are you finishing Lessons in Love101? I am obsessed with Spencer and Wilhelmina. Obsessed. I want to know what happens at Wilhemina's house. What happens? I must know.

P.S.- it would be completely amazing if you emailed me.
My email is:
3/5/2015 c20 Melly
I hate you, I freaking hate you. I am crying right now. The ending was so simple yet so beautiful. I want a love like that. I hate you for doing this to me. Making fall in love with these people. I am going to read the last chapters again.
Thank you for your lovely stories and making my day. I was so excited for the updates and I just want you to know you are an exceptional writer. Keep doing your thing hon and all the best in your future
3/5/2015 c19 Melly
Noooo. This cannot be the end of Roth and Jane, I am going to miss them. It feels bittersweet at the moment knowing they finally get an ending but this is where the story ends. I love these two. I would like a sequel, preferable when they are married with children. Noooo :-(
3/5/2015 c18 Melly
Hehehehe. Yesssssssssssss. Finally, after all these years you have added three chapter. Glory to God and what a chapter this is. The kiss, Jane going to Harvard, oh sweet Jesus. 2015 is turning out to be a great year.
Thank you
3/1/2015 c20 6JustAnotherNewbie
This was a great story! I loved every bit of it. I want my own Roth.
Also I feel like your writing has steadily improved over the chapters so that's great.
2/25/2015 c20 thebluegreeneyedgirl
I want you to know...the ending was worth the wait. I followed this story a while ago for one simple reason: I love Janey and Roth. So much like I was growing up. Thank you for finishing this :)
2/25/2015 c20 Guest
I never thought it would actually happen, but I'm so glad I kept watching. I've always loved this story, and now that it's finished I only like it more.
2/25/2015 c20 1BettyBoo
so happy that i want to moonwalk, do cartwheels, shout from the top of the mountain! i thank you enough. i've loved this story and i'm so glad that these two finally got their end - thank you 1000s times!
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