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12/12/2005 c2 18Plinky
Nice start - it really helps when you recap at the beginning of the chapter when it's a new story. I'm reading about 20, and they get a little confusing at times! i remembered yours though.

Aah, I like the twist with the aunt (If you can call it a twist. Whatever)

Ooh, Aladdin is so hot. Me and my friends all agree. Don't worry. I know.

It was really interesting to see a negative description of a character who isn't evil. I really liked that. Go you!

I like how you introduced the 'what he was wearing' bit. If I'm honest, if you'd just said 'he was wearing...' I probably would have switched off, even though it was a nice description. because the way you introduced it made me smile, I actually took it in. ^-^

I don't like Robbie so much any more. He sounds like a bit of a fool. I like how she tried to convince herself at the end that she still loved him, I do that. You kind try and get rid of the thought and cover it up. So true.

Nice ending.

Nice all over chapter! Quite a few typos and a couple of inconsistencies (You said Robbie was seventeen and then said that him and Tameka had been friends for eighteen years. I think) but I can live with that.

Nice introduction to Roth's character. Although it was quite a long chapter, it didn't seem to drag.

I'm intrigued! You must write more soon! ^-^
12/12/2005 c2 12it's only castles burning
YAy!i like
12/11/2005 c2 2Jessica Renee
I like the sound of Roth much better than Robbie. They both seem to have their faults...but personally, I'm kinda attracted to assholes. And careless, like Robbie was, is a definite flaw I couldn't be able to look past.

Loved it. update soon!
12/11/2005 c2 13CiaoBellaxx
I like this. It's pretty funny about how its for a journal for her teachers who's dating her aunt. haha this could get very interesting... ~*Mystix*~
12/11/2005 c2 6Renzie
WOW! I'm really liking this so far. It seems like Roth is a real jerk, but I can also see how the two will eventually get together. But it looks like a bumpy road ahead, which is kind of nice :] Means you have lots more material to write with. Anyhow, great job with this! Keep at it
12/11/2005 c2 7Juniper Nights
lol me like!he turned out hot huh...and his brother sounds like an ass...sleeping with all those girls...i hope she ends up with roth .
12/1/2005 c1 1rock 'n' roll junkie
Haha love the author's note. But no of course I love your story even more. It's interesting how she's retelling all these personal events to her teacher who's a MALE. I'd only feel comfortable if it was a woman. Meh, she'll live. Good start.
12/1/2005 c1 aknightsgoldenrose
I would love to see you continue this story. I want to see what you do with the idea. Great start.
12/1/2005 c1 6C. X. Blackfeather
Hm...I'm curious, at least.

This guy sounds really nice. Really good. Too good? Well, if you ahven't already planned to, please do plan to share bad moments and traits of this guy with us. If Jane's his best friend she should know those facets of his personality that aren't as good as his outward appearance to the community and the rest of the school. They have to have had arguments. I know this story - I'm a Jane and I'm just as angry as infatuated.

Your story does start like lots of others - crush on the best friend (since middle school...eek. That's a little unlikely, but it may just be the people I know), being forced to keep a diary by school/parents/psychoanalyst.

But if your Author's Note holds true for this story then ignore my suggestions until they're useful (if they ever will be), because I'm still interested in this story and, if it's already written, I don't want to get in the way of your posting it and receiving constructive crit based on the story as a whole.

By the way, I'd love to see I Hate Every Beautiful Day up again. I see the new title and wonder if it's connected to this story?

I like the voice of your character. Now, I *think* I see a (maybe old?) friendship and trust between Jane and Mr. A - is that right? Something more than just teacher/student (obviously platonic) but definitely enough to justify her spilling her biggest secret. She doesn't strike me as the type to spill a secret for the heck of it (aka, any of the cliched characters I've read in more or less the same position). If that's right, it's a great idea and important to believability of the story.

Please post more.
12/1/2005 c1 4bex17
Like you, I have nothing really to say...It was quite good, except, why does everyone do stories about people being in love with their best friend. There aren't that many girls out there with hot guys being their best friends...There aren't even that many hot guys out there! Well, anyway, I know you didn't mention him being hot, but everyone else does...It pisses me off! Anyway, despite how I feel about stories like this, it was good and you should continue...
12/1/2005 c1 18Plinky
Nice start. I love the sound of her best friend.

I'm a vegetarian! Yay! ; )
12/1/2005 c1 rewind regrets
I like the starting, and the main character so far
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