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for Melting the Ice

8/7/2015 c13 Bahati
Kari is so annoying and stupid
4/22/2010 c13 LateNightTurtle
please make more chapters. its so annoying wen ppl dont finish their stories add just never come on this site again! no offense, but its true!
3/7/2010 c12 2CrystalTeddyBear
12/29/2009 c13 Cousin'of'Vampires
Did you stop working on this story or what? Please update!
6/7/2008 c13 cyanidecandy

are u still working on this story ?

i really enjoy it !
11/16/2007 c13 Mysticol
Is this the end of the story? No right?
8/2/2007 c13 urjellingcauseimevil
OYE! next chapter...WHERE THE HELL IS IT!

u better update NOW im in total suspence.

dont make me come back there..

7/1/2007 c13 Yumna Siddique
This was a good chapter... are you working on the next one?
5/15/2007 c13 jxb0208
hey are you going to update this anymore. I would love to read more!
3/11/2007 c13 5Skeptic-Critic
I'm not really sure why I didn't review when I read this chapter earlier...Hmm...

anyway...Dude...Lots of emotion packed into that one...My favorite was the jealousy of course...But that's just me...If Kari were to leave the city...Wouldn't that kinda end the whole romance bit?
3/8/2007 c13 101Shadow of the Black Wolf
My apologies but I'm a little confused. So, Kari was just dreaming? She called Raine Jake because she was dreaming and when he slapped her, she came back? I'm trying to understand. Maybe I missed something. Anyways, I like it a lot. I really really like Raine. I really do hope you update soon. Waiting..
3/2/2007 c13 19Olivine
This is definitely not the end. So I'm wondering what's going to happen next. By the way, the "acquiesced to her request" thing totally reminded me of my beloved Pirates of the Caribbean. Man, I love Sparrow. Update soon.


PS- I'm Sapna-Shanti, I just changed my penname.
2/24/2007 c13 6Snowpuppy
Wow, I think this chapter was the one I've been waiting for after she became emotionally unstable...great job!
2/20/2007 c13 1Tenshi-no-Kage
Aww, Raine's so sweet. I loved this chapter, though Kari was really irritating, but I like her reaction to the whole betrayal. But you really should stop with all the cliffhangers! Haha, just kidding. Until next time!

2/19/2007 c6 atreyu love
m. interesting
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