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for The Day I Decided to Write a Book of Poetry

9/28/2006 c11 17sunday night sky
the last line... wonderful! love it!
9/28/2006 c10 sunday night sky
i really like this one! short and simple, but lovely. nice :D
9/28/2006 c4 sunday night sky
this piece spoke to me - i feel like that ALL the time. i love it :D
9/28/2006 c2 sunday night sky
i've felt like this before... nice piece. i like the repetition, simple but structured. :D
9/28/2006 c1 sunday night sky
lol this one made me laugh! i love the rhyme and rhythm, it works really well :)
9/21/2006 c11 47Violet Marx
I fell head over heels for this one, especially the last line! You've got a talent.
9/21/2006 c7 Violet Marx
I though this was a poem about war until I looked at the last word. Then I laughed. That's wonderful!
9/21/2006 c6 Violet Marx
I like the idea of seeing black and white, though I would've liked it better if it was some bright color, or several of them. Maybe go into description of how you see gray and yellow, the good and the bad of becoming an adult. Something like that.
9/21/2006 c12 2Frederick
These were great, especially 'It' and 'Reversal'. They're just .. cute! :]

(You're also totally right about 'Got Rice'. Haha, I guess I don't think too well at night ..)
3/29/2006 c11 13Yza Zaz
It's true, beautiful and true.
12/7/2005 c12 8Enchanting Catalyst
v. true.
12/7/2005 c9 Enchanting Catalyst
and who is this one about?
12/7/2005 c3 Enchanting Catalyst
who is this too?

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