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for Maybe There Is

10/9/2006 c1 23Marjorie Swann
This was interesting. I liked how it jumped from memory to memory, they way it does when one thinks. I couldn't relate to the narrator for most of the story but I could to the "not all love lasts forever" thing. I liked the ending. It seemed reassuring.
9/16/2006 c1 24Rhea-lyze
Aw. This reminds me of my boys (and I like the acronym..BESS). You expressed the emotion in this very well, and it's something a lot of people can relate to. I really like it.
12/6/2005 c1 109vampiric-happenings
i know what u mean. i had a boyfriend who i really liked(and kind of wish we were still together) but we broke up. it was sad. the story was good and i really liked it. i didn't get confused by the times. keep it going, you have a good start! -_^

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