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4/8/2010 c15 laughing moon
how have you not writen any more of this story! it is amazing!
8/19/2009 c15 HoneyAppleEater
I just want to say, I absolutely adore this story!

Plz, Plz, PLZ update soon! :D
11/4/2008 c15 3Boredom Inspired
Wow the plot is really nice. I think the romance is cute. Although the plot is quite like many others there are little things that make it unique. I really like it please keep writing.
5/21/2007 c15 Love-Always-and-Forever
Awesome story! I can't wait until you update and post the next chapter!
12/16/2006 c15 72Forget-The-Sorrow
Interesting story! Please update soon!
12/15/2006 c15 5Avalon Mist
Its great so far! I hope you update soon!

12/13/2006 c15 7Queen of Autumn
gr how can you end a great chapter like that...? Now I'm all frustrated on what's going to happen.

Update soon!

-x- Feronia
11/10/2006 c15 23Kaede Kitsurani
Hey, Kae here.

Not sure if you remember my reviews, but it's Filipinoigirl.

Anyway, I haven't read this in a long time. It's getting good. Anyway, keep going and keep up the nice work! You're doing great.

God. Now I sound like my English teacher. -shudders- xD
11/8/2006 c11 Sora.K
10/18/2006 c15 16sam the bear
ya! you updated! thats fantastic! update again soon! .
10/18/2006 c15 7BITT3RSW33T
Wow. You finally updated! I cant' wait for the next chapter! WRITE QUICK!;)
10/12/2006 c15 sailorserena141
wow brilliant story i love it! please please update soon
10/12/2006 c15 SkepticCritic
You're still alive...Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles...Sorry...random burst of song...Just be glad I didn't start dancing too...

Just a word of advice...YOu might want to put a line to divide a change of scenes...Or when we switch from watching Ji Ah to watching Erik you might want to put a line so we know we've switched...Ohterwise it makes it a bit confusing...
10/12/2006 c15 3megamegaturtle
Hm...I see. Keep up the good work...
10/12/2006 c15 3R. A. Faith
Two cliffhangers in one day? Aacckk! Huff. Anyway, thanks for reviewing, no real critism at this point. A few spelling and grammer mistakes, but nothing big enough to actually rememebr.
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