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for Being Invisible

9/22/2013 c1 Guest
deep stuff...
8/18/2013 c1 Guest
This is a beautiful poem, I am feeling do depressed right now, coz everyone is ignoring me, all my girly friends are into shopping and make up which I hate but all the boys I know are just plain obnoxious do in theory I have no one except my best friend ever who is just like me, except less pessimistic. Yeah, deep I know, but still. And it doesn't help that I'm just plain antisocial...this poem really got to me thought, I love it!
11/29/2012 c1 Alexei
You're good at that. You look nice today. The wallpaper is nice, but so are you.
9/25/2012 c1 Raven
This is a very deep poem and very well write. I hope nobody ever feels this way and that this poem isnt somebodys real emotions caus ehtta would be veru sad. :)
9/11/2012 c1 Guest
I love this poem because anyone can relate to the feeling of being invisible. Shy people are always ignored and have that "invisble" quality about them. No one knows that they seek for the same things in life.
7/24/2012 c1 bubbles
i totally get this sometimes no all the time i feel like this alot of people dont know what ive been through it's hard to hear when your friends say there for you no matter what sometimes i wish people would open there eyes to see who you really are. sometimes i want people to Notice me instead of being invisible
11/4/2008 c1 5TwistedDreams8108
The words you speak are what I feel. I'm a senior in High School and my family still don't see me.
9/30/2008 c1 17bunny.one.three
ooh... *sparkling eyes*
1/20/2008 c1 17daughterofmusic
I have read four of these types of poems, and written one, and this is the best of them all. Literally. You captured it perfectly...

You know something? I think, if I met you, you'd be visible to me. I think somehow we'd find each other and be able to talk and write and talk about our writing. Interesting thing to think about: I think writers are subconsciously linked. Really, I do.

I'm so cheesy. Please forgive me.

12/17/2005 c1 12la presa de la noche
oh, good ending. you're invisible too? ever been sat on? i have. sad part: they didn't realize, even after they had, that they had sat on an actual person. i was sitting there going, "umm... hello?" and then they were like "woah, it's a person!" and i was like "yeah, um, screw you." and i left. being invisible can have it's perks though, teachers don't catch me eating in class. but still, i want to be noticed for my achievements. and unfortunately, it does get easier, and that does scare me. you put it very well in this poem. very well.
12/14/2005 c1 8Shang Warrior Phoenix
prior experience when? may i ask?
12/13/2005 c1 Beks
Wow. That is exactly how I feel...well almost exactly. That was a great poem. I especially liked the last part. Keep up all your fantastic writting! And email me your phone number. When the people were fixing my laptop they deleted EVERYTHING. My writting, my homework, and all of my progams. So...I need your number.
12/12/2005 c1 11Tanwen-Whitefire
god, do i know that feeling... most of the time, i like being hated. (i'm not invisible. i'm just hated by each and every person! :P) you dont have to live up to anyone's expectations, you can say whatever the hell you want, and no one gives a shit, and you can make fun of absolutely EVERYONE. but, when i'm trying to get some good attention... well, it doesnt go so well...

you know what? since your my buddy now, you can become a member of FU.

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